Full Moon October 1st – Energy Report

This is the Harvest Moon, and first of 2 full moons this month.

Time for some fearlessness.

Full Moon in Aries brings the ability to work on our struggles with motivation, identity and being a spiritual being of consciousness living this human experience in this “meatsuit” vehicle.

We have all been experiencing many WTF??? moments this year, and September was a surreal month for those moments! We may even be feeling like we have run out of patience. For us to find greater sense of peace amidst the madness of the outer world, we must put on our armour and walk fearlessly and unflinchingly into those places where we may have unknowingly been in battle against ourselves. The warrior aspect of Aries asks you to honestly fight for yourself in a better way in order to find peace.

This particular Aries Full Moon relates to the Aries New Moon on the 24th of March this year. This New Moon kicked off the New Astrological year, and happened just as most of the world was entering lock down. At a collective level this full moon calls us to release the energy of that moment in time. Aries energy encourages us to think for ourselves, seeing beyond the distraction of media and news to see the real truth. Time to accept that there are two realities at play in any moment, the physical reality – which the eyes see and the etheric reality – which the soul understands. This Aries Full Moon brings to light the connection between spirit and body – and the courage it takes to realise this connection is real within the human experience.

As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries is all about new beginnings, cycles and very much the energy of us arriving here in human form at birth. As souls we are reminded now we have all chosen to incarnate at this time and in this physical form to learn and evolve within our experiences. Aries energy helps us feel motivated and the desire to get things done, to effect change. It is also about accepting the body you are living in. However we live in a material world where shallow judgements make this difficult and we can end up in a place of punishing or judging the body. This is ego (fear), not soul. This Aries Full Moon calls for a release of self judgement. We are called towards a path of greater understanding that we are both human and spirit combined. To enjoy the ride of being in physical form, we could perhaps embrace the concept that this is not our first birth and it probably won’t be our last?

This Full Moon is an ideal opportunity to manifest some deep healing. Through our deepest wounds we learn about our own healing abilities as well as our true nature.

The physical and the energetic bodies ask us to see their link to one another. For example, if you find you continually get throat irritation, where are you not speaking the truth?

Ask this Moon energy to help dissolve and release what holds you back. Sit in quietude, listen to your emotions and pay attention to your body… allow it to tell you it’s secrets.

Questions to ask ourselves:

Where am I holding myself back?

How can I be more emotionally fearless?

Where do I need to reclaim my power in my personal relationships?

Whose opinions do I really need to take into account before I make important changes?

Where do I need to take action?

Where do I need to be more patient?

What do I admire about myself?

If you wish to work with this energy, I have a Full Moon Ritual guide with some simple ways to harness this beautiful energy and make it work for you.

This is also a Wishing Moon – These particular full moons have even more power than usual for us to tap into and harness for positive change.

The harnessing of moon phase energy in magical workings is an ancient tradition. A Wishing Moon is a very powerful time to be making lists of wishes, hopes, and aspirations, which over time our will can manifest into being.

The key is in making our wishes realistic and achievable with us being prepared to meet the Universe half way with our own efforts wherever possible.

I’ve put together a detailed easy to follow step by step manual guide to the full ceremony that will help you best in your manifesting work on Wishing Moons for the rest of 2020 and dates for 2021. 

I’m here if you need any overnight treatments to soothe the soul too…

Until next time xxx