Samhain Full Blue Moon – Energy Report

The second full moon of October falls on Samhain, in the way more relaxed and grounded energy of Taurus, encouraging us to slow down, be present and take a moment to use all of our senses to guide us to our highest good in all daily matters. It is a sensible sign, reining us in gently. Love and money will be in sharp focus, no rash moves or acting on impulse!

Mercury and Mars Retrograde is upon us which can be a time of duality – a frustrating time for anything going to plan, but perfect with this Taurus energy for going within and assessing what needs to change. If you do make plans, triple check details and be prepared for the unexpected. Remaining flexible is a must, measured responses, take a breath before reacting and make very grounded decisions before any action.

Make time to tune in to how you feel moment to moment during this full moon – pay attention to all of your gut feelings that may be screaming the opposite of whatever seems true on the surface.

Releasing anything that no longer serves a purpose will make space for new adventures ahead. We may be living in challenging times but our minds are free, we are limitless beings and need to be reminded of our collective power to effect meaningful change.

Questions we can ask ourselves on this full moon:

What do I need to change?

What can I do to begin those changes right now?

Do I know my worth?

Am I honouring my feelings enough?

If you feel like a little sacred time to honour yourself and ancestors this Samhain, here’s some more useful info

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