Updated 14th June 2021

I cannot recommend Rachel enough. I recently booked a distant 30-minute combined Eir Healing, Angelic Energy Therapy and Diamond Energy Healing and was blown away by just how powerful the treatment was, It was an incredible experience, topped off perfectly by the fact that this was a distant treatment, meaning I could fall asleep after the treatment in the comfort of my own bed and my own surroundings and with my personal crystals. I was so impressed by the power of this treatment and by Rachels, beautiful, knowledgeable and kind soul, that I recently completed my diamond Energy healing level one with Rachel which was another truly magical and very empowering experience,. I will definitely be completing more courses and booking more treatments. that’s for sure!



Hi Rachel

Thank you so much for this email, I was so afraid of my house to the extent that I left it with my family and moved back in with my parents.

After you worked on it, the atmosphere changed. The heavy energy that terrified me has lifted and I feel like I have my home back.

I really appreciate what you’ve done and the advice going forward. Looking forward to having a bit of a more regular house cleanse now I know a bit more about the land I’m living on.

Thank you so much again


Morning Rachael

Thankyou for last nights treatment I’ve woken feeling calmer and much more settled…

ready for the day! I feel I have more energy too!

You are Amazing

Thankyou 😘😘😘💕 V

Wowsers trousers. I lost 45 mins, went really deep …

Utterly starving ( that’s how I know it was so deep) and really fired up.

Eir came to me last night and also have me Raidho as a gift  ( and wunjo?  Joy?). Extraordinary

Thank you so much.

Off to just be and sit for a while to absorb.  So much more to come I feel

Much love L


I have to say after the diamond session my energy and reduction in stress gets more positive as each day passes.

I look forward to my booked chakra cleanse.

I bless the day my Daughter discovered your web site. Thank you for all work undertaken.


Oh wow Rachel, what can I say, thank you so much, your kind words have ment so much to me and N. She was sleeping while you worked on her. She said she feels so calm and quiet within herself.

T, really enjoyed you working on her we cuddled up in my bed… She said herself her head feels calm.

The good thing is they’ve all said they’d like to have more treatments. Which I’m so pleased about .

Again a massive thank you Rachel x

Hi Rachel,

Many thanks for cleansing last night.

I feel less defeated and managed to tackle some tasks, which I’ve been putting off with a sense of it’s too much to deal with, so I do think it’s made a difference!

All the best.

I really like the diamond therapy. Your  work is beyond compare.I definitely would do it again. I might have alot going on and it did what it was supposed to.

Take care and be safe. Thank you again for all you do for me.

Hi Rachel

I seriously can’t describe the feeling but clearer thinking deeper sleep rest and less pain physically and emotionally thank you so much A

Hi Rachel

I feel so much ‘lighter’ and different in a really good way it was a lovely treatment will be having that again for sure. I have been struggling the past 6 weeks and this treatment has given me a well needed lift  thank you so much


Hi Rachel,

Thank you as always for the beautiful healing both for myself and our home. I feel so well and like a reset button has been pressed. I feel an internal power within that I am capable of moving on from anything!

That message really does resonate with me. I need to let go and not let the situation have an impact on my day to day life as it has been bothering me for a while but I feel I can move forward into a brighter light.

Thank you Rachel, I feel more in touch with my spiritual self and have learnt that only I can look after myself and I’m worth looking after  ❤️

I am so so grateful that I met you, you really have changed my life for the greater good. Such beautiful work that you carry out ✨

So much love and blessings to you Rachel


Hi Rachel,

Thanks for your email. I only just saw this today… Wow that is an incredible experience! I work with archangel Michael a lot so that’s comforting to hear. He really is like the best older brother you can have. When I woke up I felt like a lightening bolt. All of my Chakras felt super charged as well. Thanks for your healing 🙏🏼

All the best,

Thankyou so much!! I feel like I fit back in my body again! Should we all have another in about 2 weeks? My husband didn’t want it to finish!

You are an😇🙏🏻

Good evening, Rachel,

I would like to say big thank you again, I do not have words to describe how suprise, happy and grateful I am (we are). Especially when digestive problems were mentioned that I hadn’t even mentioned. My anxiety aswell.

Best wishes from us!


Hi Rachel,

Thank you I feel so much better today!

I will be booking from time to time with you! Thanks again and see you soon!

Hi Rachel,

Wow!!!!!!! That was such an amazing process last night.. I’ve done a lot of spiritual healing an that was something quite special. So thank you for helping to realise the blocks and allowing me to get to work on some of my defects an some of my  blocks in life. I’m very grateful for the work you do an it won’t be the last time we connect.

I will take the suggestion of keeping a journal of my thoughts and feelings aswell to build a stronger relationship with self.

Thank you for your kind words Rachel an your amazing healing soul and hands. You’ve helped to set me back on track. Now it’s my time to hold that energy an use it to drive me forward.

Much love an good blessings Rachel..

This is great, Rachel! Thank you so much!

I’m sending the most deep-felt gratitude to you for all of this healing! <3

Thank you Rachel ♥️

It was really a very interesting beautiful experience for me today.

…the most intense feeling physically.

Just a lot of presence and deep expansion, healing. It came perfectly today and it was exactly the right Time.

Thank you for sharing your journey and wisdom with me.

Thank you for your words about how you experienced the healing too… It touched me so deeply.

A lot has been happening around me lately. So gratful to be a part of it.



Hi Rachel

Thank you so much! I feel fantastic today, very relaxed and like a weight has been lifted from my whole body.

My head feels clearer and I feel an inner calm.

Thank you once again!

Kind regards,

Thank you so much for this!! I really needed to hear it!! Tears….thank you!

Thank you Rachel for my chakra clearing session last eve. It was the strangest experience but wonderful, I imagine for you it was like walking through treacle. I will certainly log into the meditation.

I have decided I would like the Clean Slate session too.

I’m so pleased I came across your site. Thank you again.


Hi Rachel,

Well, as always you have gone above and beyond.  Thank you very much Rachel.   Last night was the first night my daughter slept through the entire night without waking up.  It is very scary to think you can get “stuck” here for so many years without any help.  Without your help they would be stuck here for many more!  Thank you for helping them and for protecting my home and my family.  I feel so blessed that I know you and that you have helped me so many times.  Thank you for all the blessings and the Reiki healing!

Thanks again Rachel!  Until the next time. 🙂

Thank you Rachel!

I do have relief in my lower back area this morning.

Until next time take care and be safe!!

Thank you again!!😘

Hi Rachel,

Thank you so much I feel so much more positive today and like a weight has been lifted 🙂 I could feel the Reiki energy so strong it was beautiful.

I have neglected my spiritual well-being over the past month or so and I feel as though I have started a fresh today! I am going to take care of myself and get back to my spiritual practices.

Thank you Rachel I’m so grateful for your healing ❤️ I will be booking in with you again soon!

Take care and lots of love,


Hi Rachel,

It really feels beautiful in our flat now 🙂 I wanted to get it done sooner but money is quite tight at the moment! I will definitely be in contact in a couple of months to keep on top of this lovely energy.

Thank you as always Rachel for your beautiful work

Take care,


Hi Rachael,

Wow you are amazing!

I’m so great full for your help! I will be using you in the near future to have some Balancing work done!

At lest I know I was not going crazy!

Thank you so much for your help! Xx

I want to say when I got home last night I felt good

I am taking control of my house again like I did when I fixed and cleaned it up 3 years ago. Thank you so much I have a friend who is going to order from your site too I will gladly share your information

Thank you

Bless you


Hi Rachel

Thanks so much for your extra support. I really appreciate it. So much has changed and calmed down in the past few days. I cannot thank you enough.

I’ll continue to recommend your services to anyone else that I think can benefit from them.

Best wishes in these strange times.


Hi there!

I just wanted to say thank you so much. My house feels less crowded and peaceful ♥️

You are truly gifted.



Thank you so much my place was so nice last night no fighting no stress you are amazing thank you so much. We do sage quite a bit. I can’t even tell you how happy I am to have found you and will be getting the clean slate one from you soon. Everything in my life was under attack so thank you so much. A

Hi Rachel,

I am so grateful. I have been battling with COVID-19 and this really made a huge difference. Thank you so much for this. I will be referring back to it for years, I am sure.

Much love

Thank you for you for getting back to me.  I am sure you are spending a lot of time sending healing these days.  You are an Angel Rachel.

Hi Rachel!

Thanks again for today and for everything. I am so lucky to have you as a mentor… I really can’t believe it’s luck, but I do feel lucky!

“Rachel has been an invaluable resource and spiritual mentor for me for many years. With her encouragement and guidance, I have grown spiritually, yes, and more importantly, I have grown into my own skin in such a wonderful and magical way. Rachel has really helped me see that I can indeed trust myself, and there is no greater gift, in my opinion, than that.”

Again, thank you so much

With love, S

Thank you so much Rachel, it always means a lot to hear from you, and to have your presence in our home.

Thank you for everything always.

Sending love and gratitude your way!


Hi Rachel

Thank you for being a great mentor and look forward to learning more with you and from you.

Wishing you love & good health.


Best wishes


Hi Rachel

Many many thanks, before I bring another horse home I will be sure to contact you so you can do a cleanse as I’m sure it won’t be long before another finds its way to me!

Lots of love


Rachel, thank you so much. I am very happy and blessed I did the healing and cleansing.  Thank you

Warmest regards,


Hi Rachel

Oh I so needed it all Thankyou.

I’ve felt a lot better in my self since the treatments and I think my body has now caught up.

Thankyou sooo much!


Hi Rachel,

Thanks very much for all the work you have done for us, we really appreciate it. I definitely slept better last night and the whole house seems warmer and cosier to me.

Thank you also for the information about your findings, my wife and I found it really interesting and informative. We do find the paranormal very interesting, especially after our personal experiences!

A million thank you’s Rachel, what a difference! I felt you doing your work and you are right. The house feels lifted and I am finally able to sleep and feel comfortable here. My neighbour just came round and he also felt the difference.

What you said was fascinating and I havnt been able to stop thinking about it. Thank you so much!

H xx

Rachel I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me …for giving me your time and wise beautiful advice, i am truly blessed to of found you and i will be ever grateful,  I send you so much love in return 💖


To me you are a beautiful, precious soul 💖

Love always S xxxxxx

Thank you Rachel!!

I could feel the difference this morning, I slept through the night for the first time in a long time.

I even managed to get out of the office at 17:30 today which is unheard of for me.

Just feel great!

Thank you as always



I can’t thank you enough for everything.  Once I read your email I had so much relive.  Now knowing that I am protected really impowered me.

Once again thank you for helping me



Hi Rachel,

Thank you for the session!
I am feeling so peaceful and calm today.
I will book another session with you at some point, as I know I need this.

Thank you again and speak to you soon

Hi Rachel,

That was very different for me! I don’t think I even noticed a difference until you sent the email, I do feel more awake than I have in a long time, and I’m actually processing my own emotions and thoughts. It was like waking up from a dream or being returned to normal.

I was upright today! I usually feel like lead and cotton fuzz when I wake up. Thank you for providing the healing, I appreciate it greatly.

I also downloaded your app, I’m going to use it more often now that I’ve gotten the hang of it. The guided chakra meditations sound good too, something tells me I really need them 😂

Thank you again!

Big hugs,


Even when I was at work yesterday I felt different I told a client I felt like a shiny glass dish all sparkles and new!!! As soon as I walked into my house I felt the stillness and calmness thank you so much. When I move I would love a whole chakra cleanse to take away past issues.  thank you so much  for your help.😇xx

Hi Rachel,

Thank you so much, I’ve been emotionally in turmoil and physically not at my best in recent days. I do feel calmer

Thank you once again

Love K xxx

Thank you for the chaos flush. It is beautiful and warm. It feels like a gentle rain outside and slow ocean waves inside. Beautiful.


Hi Rachel

Thank you so much for Thursday! Ive been using the Reiki on myself and the tools we discussed and i know im getting there!

Thank you so much for my certificate and all the links to the meditations.

Thanks so much again and see you soon xx

Hi Rachel,

I feel 10000% better this morning. Thank you so much. I couldn’t even get up yesterday but have a lot more energy today. Thank you so much for again helping me out! Xx

I have to say the Goddess Eir healing is incredible…We three have been sending healing to a friend of ours who lives just across the road…and I tend  to see in a clairvoyant way of what takes place.  Of course we see in ways that we understand… One of the early visions I saw when healing was the lady concerned being taken to a waterfall and standing beneath the icy cold water…Goddess has shown the lady covered in her cloak…riding a horse with her…so so much…and I hear her words easily.

…every time this is different and I see the symbols…sometimes large sometimes small and the symbols behave in ways of difference…sometimes swirling sometimes entering the body.  Afterwards the peace is very precious… Anyway that is where we are now and I was shown a bind rune too…so much to say… suffice to say we are in a place of excellence.!

Thank you again for your kindness and generosity….I appreciate so much…

Thank you SOOO much! I really needed that and greatly appreciate it. So, this morning to wake up and to not be uncomfortable was big. Also, after getting up and re-situating myself, I looked at the clock and it was exactly 5:55 and it seemed like it remained 5:55 for a long time (though it was early and I was groggy, so who knows). But those numbers are symbolic as well and that’s when I realized you’d cleared my chakras and that’s probably what woke me up from the nightmare and what calmed my entire body down. THANK YOU!!! You are the best. xoxo

I am in awe! Amazing text Rach! I’m only on page 12 but it reads as like a lighthouse to me. I’ve been feeling so downtrodden and bleak lately. Depressed almost and I’ve been needing just this!

Thank you…I hope to restore my faith In my purpose to serve others.


Hi Rachel,

That’s awesome feedback- thank you so much- I have just come out of a major contraction/dip as I stretch out of my comfort zone so this is a much needed affirmation that it’s worth it.

I am really ready for big shifts- I have been cutting cords and letting go and facing endings etc and really facing my fears so your account of my treatment is so welcome.

I look forward to a coaching session with you soon.

Much love and blessings,

S xx

Hi Rachel

I  have just found your Eir healing drumming on YouTube.

And it is wonderful, I have just done my Eir self healing with it on

Excellent your so clever

Again I saw horses lots of them this time they had riders with torches of fire riding right to left

My palm in the centre became burning hot on my right side which is where I have been having discomfort

Also people with a sort of ring that they were holding and as they lifted it up over me a great white light came down and beyond the ring very high was the face of the goddess

I am so in awe of this energy

Thank you so much

Love and blessings


Thank you so much lovely lady!

I always enjoy and respect my time with you and also enjoy your innate wisdom and your wicked sense of humour!  You are great!!  Hope to see you sooner next time! Lots of love from me

R Xxxx😁 ❤️

Hi Rachel

Thank you so much for all your healing

It was very powerful I did have very painful shoulders and neck and right arm so painful it was red hot burning. During the healing it was blue rods of light with circles of bright light within it, I could feel it penetrating down my arms and the pain has gone and has not returned!

I saw a women with long hair blowing in the wind, then the blue lights then a spinning diamond, then a message then swirling colours.

I think your Eir healing is very powerful you must be very honoured to have been trusted with this.

Many blessings


Hi Rachel

Thank you so much for our attunement…I definitely feel very different and my overall stance lends into power and peace together…which is of course  the peaceful warrior …that makes me smile so much.  We are very grateful and appreciate so much all you do…and with your help and support we grow and become.

Love and millions of thanks… L

Hi Rachel,

Thank you so much! I appreciate all your help, also big thank you for the bonus healing. I feel very relaxed and calm, looking forward to go to bed now

all the best
M xx

Thank you!!!  I love this. The attunement was quite amazing and the chaos flush is a bit miraculous, isn’t it? I am so happy you did the house I am in now because well, I really feel the difference. I feel much more liberated in it. And everything seems more clear in terms of my life’s path.

I am so grateful to be able to work with you. You are completely inspiring.

I might do a half hour with you soon…. It is strange…I feel like I know the path I am on and feel confident in it, but I also feel like it is chock full of so many different things right now….so many opportunities opening up!

You are a wonder.

With love,


Hi Rachel,

Can’t thank you enough for that house cleanse, and so interested to hear the stories behind everything! Can’t wait to enjoy this peace and fill it with some high vibes!

Thanks again so much and blessings to you,


Rachel, I cannot thank you enough, I have just walked upstairs and the atmosphere felt different, I asked X an X how they felt and they said it felt different. Then I looked at my phone and seen your message.

I feel so overwhelmed, this has been long awaited I cannot thank you enough. I will be eternally grateful for what you have done. Thankyou so much xx

HI Rachel

Thank you so much for the report which was a revelation.

It is uncanny what you picked up – are you sure you have not been here or have a crystal ball!!

The kitchen is red as we have red wall tiles around the hob and over the worktops, the conservetory is painted in warm peach – earthy as you described

Yes the bedhead in the master bedroom is in front of a blocked off chimney – wow!!

The wifi router is positioned directly under the bed in the living room.

I was blown away by your description of the back bedroom

We look forward to an improvement, If it is ok I will keep you posted about progress and do you have a review part on your website.

Best wishes and many thanks


Hi Rachel,

I just wanted to send you another message of thanks.

The run went so well yesterday and I had absolutely no pain and no pain now. It’s bloody amazing! So thank you so much for helping me get through it. I had such a great day and loved every minute of it.

Lots of love O


Thank you so much for all off the below, all of which makes sense and helps me feel more positive moving forward. I cried when I read the information about the young lady and also so weird I had a son 15 months ago which I was renovating the property whilst pregnant and the name W… came to me so it was so weird the gentleman’s name was W….

Thank you so much and I will be in contact with some other bits and also going to get the recommendations as well you have made.

can’t thank you enough

Have a lovely evening x


Hi Rachel,

I just want to say thank you so much. I have woken up this morning and for the first time in ages my strain feels .. well.. nothing!! It feels perfect!!!! There’s no pain! I’m so grateful to you.

Thank you Rachel,

Have a brilliant day,


Hello Rachel,

Thank you so much for cleansing our house – the energy does feel different and my partner said the same.  The information provided has been really helpful in providing some closure.


I have just  watched ur video and I have not done reiki for about 5 years now, so watching that has brought it all back and I feel I can now start practicing again. But first on myself. Thank u xx

Hi Rachel,

I would like to let you know that there is much going on since we spoke last time via Skype!
You gave me so much confident and thanks to you I realized that I can be my own boss!
Things are going very well…and fast ! I informed my current employer that I wish to set up own company within a year, I started online course towards VA, I keep looking for new customers and how I may develop my skills. It gives me so much joy and I am truly looking forward to achieve my goal. Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you soon.
Have a lovely day!

Best Regards

Dear Rachel:

First of all I would like to thank you so very much for all that you have shared regarding the house.

You totally confirmed what I’ve been feeling So I could feel the difference big time!

I also believe you were spot-ON re: previous occupant. I had to change the direction of my bed from where they had it because

I was empathing so much from the previous occupant…I had dreadful stomach issues for 8 months a year ago, with awful insomnia as well.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing the clearing.

I deeply appreciate it Rachel.

It was very comforting to have CONFIRMATION what I was intuiting.

Bless you and thank you,



Hi Rachel,

Thank you for your message!
I knew immiediatly when you connected in with me yesterday. It was amazing feeling, I could feel the energy going up and down, especially intense was at my lower body 🙂
Yes, you are right – I so needed this.
Not sure if you remeber but you had helped me a lot a few years ago, when you still helped people as a medium. Everything what you sais then, was so true!
Therefore I decided to step in and take a control over my life. My energy level is very low, so I thought your help is needed:-)
Have a great day Rachel !

Hi Rachel,

Thank you so much for your help and I am so glad I found your website.

I will more than likely be in touch in the near future for some personal cleansing and healing.

I am so very grateful to you.

Thank you


Hi Rachel,

Thank you so much for your feedback,

I will definitely be back in touch as I have my eye on some of your other treatments!

Thank you again,

Kind regards,


Hi Rachel,

I could feel it immediately!

I felt so much tranquillity and calmness.

Today I am very relaxed and emotional, as always you tuned in with me perfectly!

It was much needed, thank you for all your support and energy.

So happy to have you in  my life ❤💕

Thank you, Rachel!

All the best


You were so spot on it’s scary … Everything you said was spot on … you give so very much. Take care …and thank you so much.

Hi Rachel,
Thank you ever so much for my reading.
You have been so incredibly accurate and insightful, it really is uncanny. Its as though you know me.
… Thank you very much again,

Dear Rachel

Thank you so much for your reading, I’m left in tears…..good tears. I’m so overwhelmed right now its crazy 🙂
You certainly have helped, thank you so very much. I’m so grateful and really didn’t except such a quick response but thanks a million.

Recently I’ve been trying to find a person that I feel can help me, however I’m always sceptical and when I stumbled across your website I just knew I had to ask you for guidance.

You got everything right, it’s insane, … Thank you SO very much.
Happy Holidays

Kind Regards

Dear Rachel,

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time in responding to me. You have given me the best gift I could have asked for this Christmas.

I am sincerely sorry to hear about the loss of your dear father and I feel he is extremely proud of you. You really are a wonderful person. I did not expect to hear from you, or if i did i did not expect such an in depth email and i want you to know how much i appreciate that.

…it makes complete sense what you say, and so does everything else you said.

…with your response, that has lit something inside of me that has been dark and sad for what seems some time now. Thank you again Rachel. Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing your gift with me.

I wish you all the best and send out my thoughts of emotional healing for you and your family.

In love and light


Dear Rachel
Thank you so much…what a relief !!
Now that you’ve explained it I can understand…
You’ve been wonderful and I really do appreciate your help.

Kindest Regards

Good afternoon Rachel,
Hope you are well I would like to keep up the treatments …As I said in my message yesterday, I think nothing short of a miracle has taken place and it is all down to you, how can I ever thank you,
H x

Hi Rachel.

Your last reading has given me a lot of strength lately so I wanted to send you out a hug so that if you needed one then there is one ready for you to catch.

Hope all is well. No need to reply.

Hi Rachel

Thank you for lovely Reiki. …it built into a crescendo and, as usual, you nearly put me to sleep.
Strong healing behind eyes (assume emotions) and my whole body went limp
with relaxation – fabulous. I could use you during my hypnotherapy session
with clients!!


I contacted you a while ago … You gave me an enormous amount of comfort in an email, which I will always be grateful for. I contacted you the other day about x. I thought of your website and all the beautiful information on it and it has helped me more than you will ever know. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your consoling comforting and true words. I’ll always be indebted to you.

Sorry to read about your dear dad and your brother, i’m sure they are happy and ok on the other side.
Lots of love,

Thankyou for the message it does comfort me,as I did feel I have nothing to live for anymore …Thank you so much I think you may have saved my life.
Kindest regards

Reflecting on what you told me, it makes sense and yes, I have had people tell me of problems in this area…

Your accuracy of what x was wearing, his appearance, what he used to do way back in time is quite astounding and it is lovely to have a name and these details to make us closer.

Thank you again Rachel

Very strong Reiki again today – thank you. It was working on my emotional levels today from the word go, I felt quite woosie afterwards in a good way.

…Thank you, thank you, thank you – the Reiki is strong and I know is having a really positive effect. I think it is something I will want to continue …

Thanks again Rachel. Have a lovely day and I look forward to tomorrow (and thank you so much for helping me through the weekend with this – I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it).


Dear Rachel

I want to thank you for the Reiki healing you are sending me. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Best wishes


Thank you for the Reiki Rachel. It was so lovely and gentle this morning
but my friend who was also lying down on the floor next to me obviously
picked it up too as she found herself falling asleep near the end!! The
Rachel magic continues!!!

Have a lovely weekend Rachel …


I felt I just had to send you a message of thanks. I found your website yesterday, while looking for help to deal with what has been happening to me since my brother died.

…So your website was a breath of fresh air, it was like having a chat with a non-judgemental friend who knew exactly what I was going through. Not only that, but you have known the pain of losing a dear brother too, and your words about your brother and what he meant to you touched and comforted me.

I can’t tell you how much it has meant to make sense of what is going on, and your grounding and protection exercises have already helped me greatly. There are so many people on the internet who demand heavy payment for simple information and advice, which is what makes it hard to discern who is genuine and who is not. I have no doubt in my mind that someone such as yourself, who provides this info and help on your website free of charge is genuine and wants to help people. What a refreshing change!

I’m sure I have a journey ahead, and I’m not quite sure yet if I should pursue this or not, but your words have helped me greatly and comforted me at my time of loss.

Again from my heart. Thank you!


Hi Rachel

thanks so much for doing my reading and taking time to provide so much detail. It’s amazing how you have described me so accurately and the information you have provided feels like great advice which I’ll try to follow as much as possible.

thank you again very much
I really appreciate it

kind regards,

Hi Rachel,
I felt drawn to your website, i have for a longtime been on a journey, i’ve always had premonitions and sensed things but didn’t know how to develop that side. Your website has given me the encouragement to pursue this. I thank you.

Aloha nui loa my sweet Rachel,

Mahalo nui loa….You closed the big ‘puka [hole] in my heart…
I have no words to express my Aloha for you in helping me

Bright Blessings….


Hi Rachel
Thank you and thank you for all your help this year. I am sure I would have
struggled to get through without you.

I am feeling loads better overall and stronger healthwise than I have in
many years, so I know I have turned a corner.

…In the meantime, I wish you and John a very happy Christmas and happy,
healthy and prosperous New Year. May God shine all his blessings on you –
you deserve it.


Rach.. you are a real star!
…What you said really helped. It gave me confidence to trust in my own intuition ..
Last of all I want to say thank you very much for the Reiki. I’ve been feeling rather crappy for a few days and yesterday afternoon started feeling much less sick. I suffer with nausea all the time anyhow, but it had got more or less unbearable. Your Reiki must have done some good, so thank you very much!

Dear Rachel,

I can’t thank you enough for being there!
Your advice was perfect and well taken.
..I am sure we will be speaking again.
Your Truly,

Hi Rach

I would like to say a very big THANK YOU … I was over the moon to FINALLY find out the name of my Spirit Guide too. Looking back on this life, I can now relate all the horrible things I’ve been through as the lessons I’d set myself to learn and it’s just a pity that I waited so long to begin my spiritual path.
Thank you very much, I’m now on a quest to find out more LOL. You may find a few of my family and friends contacting you now about their past lives 🙂

Once again Rach, THANK YOU………you are TRULY BLESSED with a wonderful gift. Have a wonderful enriched and prosperous New Year!!

Love & light

hi rachel,
i wanted to write and let you know whats been
happening. i have been doing infinitely better
than probably last we wrote.
i had the strangest resolution with the issue i originally
wrote you about. ..
you were right.
and i am very happy!
all my best,

Hey Rachel,
Things are much better for me since last time I talked to you. I met a really great guy and we moved in together. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and the best friend I have ever had 🙂 . I remember you telling me along time ago that I would meet a guy and you saw a big “E” … in connection with his work. ..he is actually a Internet tech which is where the E comes from! 🙂 I remember you also told me that at first I would think the nursing thing was tedious and wouldn’t like it, but would start liking it more later, ect. WEll, I dropped the program a couple years ago, but I am now reapplying for it :).

Hi Rachel..
Wow, I’m still taken back. Phew. That was good. So I guess I will be bothering you more often now… that OK with you????

Hi Rachel,

Thank you again it has made me see that everything I’ve experienced in this lifetime is for a reason. Some questions have been answered. I am glad I have a guide who was my husband…I have always felt a presence of someone who loves me, even when things have not been nice for me. And now I know why.

I must tell you, how much at peace I am with my life…you have helped me greatly. I told my sister-in-law and she was impressed….she was able to see how my current life is affected by my one past life…as she said…”that  would mean nothing to me, but it is totally you”.
I even accept my current difficulties more objectively. I’ve got to tell you again Rachel how comforting it all is. Thank goodness for people like you.
Today, you are right.
God Bless You, Rachel.

Dear Rachel

we want to thank you for all of your help and healing reference the situation surrounding our properties.

since we wrote to you and received your advice we cleansed the houses – then went off (penniless!!) to America putting all the worry behind us – to get married and enjoy a honeymoon – so lots has happened !!

We have today exchanged contracts – so many thanks for all your help.

We did find that everything fell into place after following your advice Rachel
E & G

Hello Rachel

I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your web site and am really thankful for such a site. It is such an inspiration to me and most of all, a validation to me, about the thoughts and beliefs I already had but had no one to agree with me or tell me that my beliefs were correct and that I wasn’t crazy :o)

I’ll be coming to your site regularly as my “default” guide in life. I really love you site. Please keep it there forever :o) or should you ever change it’s URL, please let me know !!!

..Anyway, thankyou, once again for developing such an inspirational site. I guess you’ll be hearing more of me in the future. .. The purpose of this e-mail, is mainly to let you know I really love your site, I believe and I want to thankyou, for validating my beliefs, for me.
Thankyou Rachel
Yours Kindly

Dear Ms. Rachel,
Thank you for your unbiased, direct, and speedy response. That was the answer I have been looking for for the past 8 years. I might have a couple more questions. ..Thank you again for your response which means more to me than you might expect. Take care. Anatoli

Hi Rachel!
It was nice to hear back from you! I understand your schedule. I check out your web-site every now and then, and it shows how busy you are! So, I don’t mind waiting to hear back from you. I’m patient 🙂 And, your web-site is very helpful and informative. I always refer people to your site and to you.
…Thank you so much for the advice!
I hope you don’t mind my emails. After my first contact with you I’ve always felt a warm good feeling from you. I feel safe talking about this stuff with you. So, if I’m a pain, just say so…lol. Alright….enough of my book. It truly sounds like you’re doing great! I’m really happy to hear that. Thank you Rachel for everything, setting me straight. You made me rely on me more….I needed that. Your honesty is greatly appreciated and respected.
All the best to you and yours!

Hi Rachel

Once again Rachel I thank-you from the bottom of my heart for answering me, I can never repay you for what you have done for me.
Thank you again
Take Care and carry on the fantastic work you do

Thankyou again…i don’t honestly know what i would have done without your guidance..Bless you,

Dear Rachel,
thank you so much for your response, I’m finally get some sleep after a month of very little and I’m working with Arch Angel Gabriel to help me close down.
thank you again

Rachel, I thought you would like to know that after the Intuitive Life Path session last week, I ended up doing the complete opposite of what you had told me but I did do a “confrontation pitch” that you said I should do. To my surprise everything turned out exactly like you said it would!
Take care, L, UK

HI Rachel!
I have to tell you THANK YOU!! What you’ve read is exactly what I’m facing. …The part that brought me to tears though was the comment about my oldest daughter. The fact that you can see that I have one let alone more than one made me a believer. She is my twin soul. She is only 5 but seems to have wisdom well beyond her years making her seem as though her soul is ancient. .. I’m glad to know that I have guidance from the other side and that its good. I will be referring all of my friends and family to you. Thank you SO much. Though I am a religious woman, it comforts me to know certain things. Again, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!


Dear Ms. Keene,

Following your advice on “How to meet your spirit guide”. I had such a lovely experience. I felt such a rush of emotions, all very warm and loving. When I stopped meditation, I was surprised to find tears on my face. Thank you for taking the time to help your fellow travelers. It is an experience I shall never forget.

Karen, North Carolina, USA

This piece of wonderful feedback is regarding some Reiki healing I sent to a 5 week old puppy named Winston in the USA at his owners request..

Hi Rachel,

Let me tell you what happened on our end and you can repeat this to others. We have been reconnecting his energy this last week and his body would twitch and shake. Today, I started with prayer and opened myself up. From 12:05 to 12:20 his body shook like crazy. It was like he was convulsing. Before you started I prayed that if you needed my energy to help that it would come through my hands to him. I also asked that my Spirit guide help you and I through this and any other angels or spirits that could help. I was holding him and praying. I felt a jolt go through me and on to him. That is when it all started. It brought me to tears. I felt overcome with something. It was so weird. He woke up around 12:30 and started playing like crazy and running all over the place, back and forth to me and then to my son…. Like I said the feeling was overwhelming and it felt like the room filled with an energy I can’t describe. He goes to the vet tommorrow and we will see if they see a difference in him.

Hi Rachel,

Thanks …Winston is great! His vet said that he can eat solid food now because he is doing so well. Please share the story with anyone that needs it. It was most powerful. I even told my husband about it and he thinks it is all crazy. Thanks again! I will contact you in the future.

Best wishes for you and your family,


….Hi Rachel,

Winston has been in really good health. He has not thrown up at all. He is being a normal puppy. Thank you again for everything! You are great!


……Hi Rachel!

Winston is doing great! He is almost a year old now!


Hi Rachel,

My sister and I are still coming to terms with our loss …
You have helped us both tremendously and I am so grateful to you, you have
made it so much easier for us both, thankyou.
…I just wanted you to know that I will never forget

Much love,


Hi Rachel

Just wanted to drop you a note to say, how grateful I am …I think I have been on a high all afternoon 🙂

I feel honoured and privileged to have such informative spiritual guidance from my spirit guides (Now I’ve acknowledge them as my family xx)

I can only wish you every success and health & happiness for you and your partner….please let me know when you start to teach…I’d love to be your YTS (I’m first in the queue!!)

Take care,
Lots of Love


Hi Rachel,

How are you? I just wanted to let you know how much I have been enjoying the stories of the places you’ve visited that are posted on your website. Very interesting and intriguing!

I am having some good results with the ethereal crystals. My spiritual guide is channeling info on the crystal to me as well now. …. I am getting ready to work a holistical heath expo in Sep to introduce the ethereal crystal work. So, I am very excited about it.

…Take care!


Hi Rachel,
I came across your website today, while searching for information on psychic attack and just had to write and tell you how fantastic the information you provide is.
I got so excited when I saw the “orb” pages and photos. I have been capturing all sorts of anomalies on film for years, vortexes, shadows, mists etc, but only started to pick up orbs after buying a digital camera. I have been trying to find a website with various different orb photos, so that I have something to compare with my own.
I have printed the protections and the Guide meditations and can’t wait to get home from work and give them a go!!!!
Just wanted to say thank you for all of the information, the printouts and to express how comforting I found your story about Simon’s role as a spiritual paramedic.
Kind regards K, Australia

You must be psychic! …We found the evening really interesting, and, unless you have an extraordinary memory, quite amazing.
I was particularly moved at the end of the evening by the reference to my grandmother, L. …We will certainly keep in touch – I believe you have a very special gift. I don’t understand it, but I believe it’s there.
Best wishes,

Hello Rachel,
I came across your site…now I know not by accident 🙂
I am a Christian and have been for over twenty years, but I have been suffering for a very long time with CFS and Fibromyagia. I thought things could not get much worse.
Then I found out a couple of weeks ago, that I was going to
go blind. That was it for me!! Something inside me …started leading me into looking at different crystals and stones for different things. I then came across your website and learned by your teaching about meditating with the crystals. I did that and am still doing it…and guess what…IM HEALED!!! my eyes are anyway. I feel like I owe a great deal of this to you, because of your website and your teaching. Im so thankful to you Rachel for having a part in my new path of knowlege, and knowing it does not go against my basic beliefs. If not for you I would not have known some of the cyrstals to purchase and or how to use them 🙂
I wish for you all the blessings and miracles that can come your way and a long and happy life.
With Much Affection,

Hi, thank you rachel….. I thank you for your efforts, it does mean a huge amount to me, i am glad i met you and thank you.

thank you so much for your kindness.
it has been helpful!
i think the reiki healing may have changed something
in me as i have been feeling a bit better now and
more calm internally with things. …
this is very good news as it has been going on
a very long time now …
(sigh of relief)

Hi Rach
Just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ for yesterday. It was great to see you and you gave me that little push in the right direction that I need.

Don’t know if you remember me …your guidance after talking to my spirit guides is what I am looking for and am unable to get myself.
Don’t ask me why I am writing this to you today but I feel I need to,
(sounds strange?). I suppose part of it was to thank you and also re-assure you that what your doing and how your doing it is not only a help but also gives me and no doubt others a strong feeling of purpose again.So thank you and good luck with the new venture ( I know it will work).
Love and Light. XxX

Dear Rachel,
First of all thank you so much for helping my friend! She had tears in her eyes as she read your e-mail, she said she will now be able to make peace with the situation.
I read your whole web site, and want to try to meet my guide,
I was horrified by the thought of death, but after visiting your web site I feel so relieved, and would like to learn more…

Hi Rachel
I would like to thank you and would like to give you a hug aswell.When I got your E-mail my heart was pounding and I was crying and laughing at the same time….

yesterday you gave me the answers,thank you.I feel much better…

I wish I had your gift of being and doing what you do.I

….Thanking you

Hi Rachel!
Thanks for the info! I feel much better! I’m not afraid anymore… Thanks for your help! Andrea

Dear Rachel,
Just a note to say thank you so much for your email.
I tried running through the exercises you wrote last night – I feel a lot more reassured now. I didn’t hear anything per se, but I did feel an incredible surge of warmth and happiness. It was quite an emotional experience which left me very tired, but in a good way. Best night’s sleep I’ve had in ages, actually..
Once again, thank you!
With best wishes – have a great Christmas,

Thank you, you certainly helped me feel better about a few things that are going on right now!
Love and Light………

Thank You Rachel! For being so honest with me. .. Thank you again… I agree with everything you’ve said…
Thank you Rachel for seeing this for what it is and seeing this clearly, I wish you the happiest of holidays and a wonderful New Year! And, All the Love You Deserve 🙂

Hi Rachel,
thanks so much for your reply. I just thought I would send you a small update….When you said my dad is helping with the healing this comforts me greatly and makes a lot of sense. I had a small breakthrough a couple of days after I emailed you … So I do believe that something has changed, however small. I … wanted to share this with you, and to let you know I will keep up the healing. thanks again!
good luck with the site.
with love,

Hi Rachel,
Thank you so much for your reply. It was warming to read and reduced me to tears. It’s nice at least to know I’m not going mad
Again, thanks, Jill xxxx

Dear Rachel,
Thank you so very much. I have never known someone like you who cares so much about people. Like I do Thank you Rachel,



Hi Rachel… I just wanted you to know that I’ve passed your site on to a lot of my friends in America. All of them are very impressed by your site (as I am).
I have to say, it is the best site I’ve ever come across. Your site is
informative, sharing, and has a lot of caring. From all of us that are
still learning or beginning to understand/accept….Thank you for the
advice, instuctions, and support. By the way….you deliver an incredible amount of information for the price. In fact, you’re underpriced. Bet you’ve never received an email saying that you should charge more….but here it is. Hope all is well and happy with you…..

Hi Rachel,
I saw your wonderful web site and had to contact you. A friend of mind emailed it to me and I am very compelled to write to you. …….
I just wanted you to know that I found you and your site to be what I needed in my life right now. I appreciate and respect your values and commitment. ………….
So… Thank you so much for the incentive to get things happening.
Love and Light,

Hi Rachel,
Holy Cow!
…I have been meditating on it a lot, and I agree with you… … Thanks again for your input. I know you’re right, …
Much peace and love to you,

Dear Rachel,
…. wow it is absolutely amazing thank you from the bottom of my heart… And thank you so much for the love that you sent that came pouring off your email in waves …. i knew when i discovered your website that you had a kind and gentle soul and that is evident in the reply you sent … So thank you again words fail me …. you have no idea … L xxx

Thank you for being honest, … Thank you so much for your advice. I can do it, I will do it. Thank you for sending me strength! 🙂

T xx

Hello Rachel,
Just a quick note to let you know that I came across your site this evening, and found it to be so informative.
I have only recently begun my journey of enlightenment, and completed my Reiki 1.
So I tend to search the web for more and more information, in what ever direction it may take me. I entered a question regarding aura colours and their meaning, and I found your site.
Its excellent. Your hard work and dedication shines through. To give people access to such informative materials is amazing.
Thank you,

Hi Rachel……..…Oh that make things much clearer!!!!!!!!! least I know the path I am on is the right one ..
Thanks Rach for all of that.

Hello Rachel
I just wanted to thank you the session, it made me start to think about what I need to be doing to become happier.
Feel more at peace with myself not sure why!
But once again thanks so much.

Hello Rachel,

THANK YOU !!!! For both the healing and protection, fo course, but also for the information you’ve sensed …I appreciate that you’ve confirmed that. Rachel, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so very much for my session. It clarified many thoughts and feelings that have been running around my head for a while. It was a very emotional read but I feel more focused for it.
Thank you so much
Your grateful friend

Morning Rachel,
Thank you! No doubt, I will be in touch soon. BTW – you may hear from a friend of mine soon

Thank you so very much. Thats what i’ve needed to hear. I am utterly thankful.


Hello Rachel,

I found your reading very interesting. Thank you so much. You mentioned I have had two male guides around me since 1997. In 1997 I was preparing to retire…Thanks again for the wonderful reading.
Take care,

hi Rachel
Thanks for the reading it was great and quite accurate.

Hi Rachel,

I just wanted to thank you again for your help. You will definetely be hearing from me again. I have already passed your website on to a few of my friends…
I feel that nothing is by chance and there is no coincidence. I now feel more confident about what I am meant to do. I know I am being guided and I have to say it really feels right. You have helped me along my path. I appreciate your kindness so much.

Rachel you are a gem. Thank you so much for your help. I truly appreciate it and I surely need all the help I can get.


Hi again Rachel,

Thank you for the session and it was nice to meet you as well.

You gave me a lot to think about and I’ll try and practise more positive thinking …
Finally, thanks for the hug! You really are a very understanding and special person.

Bye for now,

– J – x

Thanks again Rachel. This was fantastic and very healing. You are truly a gem.

Blessings & Hugs,

Dear Rachel,

I can’t thank you enough for writing to me. You have made my day in a great way and I really appreciate it! You have a terrific way of explaining things that seem so far above my head in understanding so that I do understand. You are a great “teacher”! I will keep your website close by and read it often. The thing that amazes me so much about this time, is how x, my friend who died, would talk about having her special “powers” or feelings toward people who were both living or deceased. I admit there were times that I “really wondered” about her and now that “wonder” is answered. Thank you.

I am not sure exactly where you are located, do you ever visit the US? We live in Virginia, please visit if you can!

Take care and our best to your family!


Thank you so much for your honesty…it means so much. I am glad that I finally have a DEFINITE answer to my xxxx issues. Now, I can try and cope with it and hopefully get better ASAP!!!!


Blessings Rachel,

I thank-you for sharing your gift. I spent some time getting to know you through your website and “feel” that you are one to be trusted….

Love, Light and Many Bright Blessings,

Hi Rachel,

Thank you very much … I will also happily refer you to people I know. I respect your professional tone and what comes through as your

Well, Rachel, thank you again for your time, and best wishes for a beautiful
Spring 🙂


Thank you so much for my last session…it really gave me hope…and hope that I REALLY needed. Thanks again!


Thank you so much Rachel….you are a super wonderful, fantastic, awesome human…you really do help people. I hope you know that. But I am sure you do! He He


Hi Rachel, Hope this e-mail finds you well.

Thought I would share our good news with you as you said to be careful if we weren’t trying.
I found out this weekend that were going to become parents.
I will keep you updated and definitely let you know if it’s twins, as you mention about that as well.

Take care for now
Many Blessings to you

Thank you so much, honestly what you said means a lot to me.

… thank you again.

Love S xx

Thank you Rachel!!!!

Your reading has been very useful. I am now a bit calmer about the next few uncertain months.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. A few of my friends may contact you in the next few days /weeks for their own readings.

So right about everything you said about xxxxx, and my dear, you could not have been more accurate about my work situation even if you sat right here in the office.!!!!

Thank you.


Hello Rachel,

I was very impressed with your reading for me on the one question I asked.



Dear Rachel,

I have been to see you before with my friend, and had a question answered by e-mail, and I have raved about you to so many of my friends/relations that they have asked me to ask you if you would spend some
time at my house giving readings?

…. I have soooo many friends who would like to meet you and have readings.

I look forward to hearing from you again,

Best wishes,



Thanks for your time. The reading really does make
sense, and I would say spot on. I will try to start
turning things around as quickly as I can.

Many Thanks

Hello Rachel,

I happily found myself wondering about whether you would be able to assist
me, as you have so fantastically done in the past, with a couple of things
that have been on my mind…..

…… I am very pleased to say Rachel, that along with a lot of changes that I
have made over the last few months, your help and genuine guidance and
support has helped me to start taking very positive steps in an extremely
exciting direction.

Thank you, thank you!!

Sending sun shiny wishes,


Ooh, Rachel, that was groovy! ……………… I can well believe the healing theme… I worked as a xxxxxxxxxx for 5 years and was very tempted to train as a nurse and go work in some thrird world country… many years on from that, I’m firmly into the Reiki and considering a diploma in ‘Intuitive Healing’…

Anyway, just wanted to say ‘ta’…. enjoy the rest of the weekend

Love & warm blessings


hi rachel,

thank you, I so wanted to hear from xxxx for 20 yrs, I cried,but a big thank you, all you said is what i needed an answer to,and you gave me the answers i needed,
rachel your a STAR,i cant thank you enough,wow your brilliant,its the best reading ive had in 20yrs honestly,seline i was well pleased with,i was PLEASED with it all,i dont know what else i can say,
thank you rachel thank you,
love k…

Hi Rachel

Wow, very impressed, thank you….
Thanks again for the reading, I am even more excited now! I will send you
one of my sunsets from the Grand Canyon.

Take care

Thank you Rachel, for my reading …

All that you said about xxxxxxx being a lovely person is absolutely true
And thank you for what you passed on ………..And I thank you for your genuine support and gentle nature that always comes through so clearly in any of your readings.
Sunny smiles,


Aloha Nui Loa Rachel,

Oh my God….Rachel you are more then Amazing. I haven’t got the words to express how overwhelmed I was with the reading.

There was No way you could have know so many things that you said……that was so very true.

Like my Dad for instance…Loved singing and played the guitar very well. I love music but not quite good at playing any instrument as my kid brother and my two Sons. Then there was the certain music I had played at Dad’s wake.

Then my G’s grandfather…. indeed his grandfather was the only father figure he had….and they were quite close .. his grandfather did die young…

Your drawings my dear were so remarkable and quite lovely…
Yes my father was very fond of my three children and protective over them and especially S. I am so Happy he still watches over them and my S.

As for S…you are so right…
Your kind words in the reading Has put my Heart at Ease and I thank you so much. You are just Brilliant and quite Extrordinary for a young lady. I knew you were an *Old Soul*

I will keep and treasure my reading. I thank the Good Lord for having *You* come in to my life Rachel. Dear friends we are now and will always be.
Well sweetheart I thank you again from the bottom of my heart …

I wish you Joy, Peace, Happiness and good Health. I will keep in touch and please let me know when you get married. Know you made me very Happy.

God’s Blessings….

All My Love,
Lois {Tutu Kamahele}

Thanks for the reading- bit scary, lots to think about.
I think I’ll be in touch for a more in depth one sometime soon.That was very ‘clear & pure’-as information/reading especially from the guides & I’m grateful & impressed by your clarity.

Dear Rachel,
Firstly i must say thankyou so much for your prompt return of my E-mail, The advice you gave me and the links you told me to view were all i needed to move on …, You truely are amazing your site is very clear and easy to understand.
I pray for the day when i am as gifted as you are, you have helped me understand a world that many people mock or have no concept of the awesome beauty of Spirit,

never stop what you are doing

People like you change peoples lives.

Bless you always Rachel Thankyou

Dear Rachel,

Thank you for your insight. You were dead on with your feedback. The lady with great character who smiles and speaks vividly with her hands is my mother who passed on. You have described her perfectly…….once again i thank you for your help and your honesty
I will definitely be emailing you again.

Thank you so much,
AK. -New York USA

What can I say, words are not enough to express my sincere thanks to you for this reading. It is very accurate and is an enormous help to me in moving forward.
This is the first reading I have ever had in this way and I have to say that I am extremely impressed and will certainly recommend you to others and use you again.

…. so many areas of this reading that is so spookily accurate,…. ..until next time Rachel a very very big hug and thank you to you …. …Thank you also for giving others a chance to learn and read more about this wonderful pathway so many are missing out on……..
like I said you mentioned things you couldn’t possibly have known from the information I gave you originally, which completely ‘did it for me’…. and to be fortunate enough to have someone like yourself to be able to approach for advice is unbelievably wonderful : ) ! Thank you…… ..It was amazing how you knew we had three options to consider regarding xxxxxxxxxxxx, we have never discussed this with anyone. My husband found that particularly amazing.
…i think you are a complete star with the advice and guidance you give to others, keep up the good work Rachel, we could do with more people like you in the world.

Thank you Rachel,
Much Love, Light and Blessings to you Rachel,
T-M xxx

Hi Rachel,

Thanks, and it feels right! … after reading the feedback you were getting, I guess curiosity got the best of me,and wanted to see when!! … your description is where we live to a tee!!

Love and Light to you and yours………S, Scotland

WOW!!! Thank you soooooooooooooo much….
…You may get an email from a pal who was also well impressed by my reading.

Big hugs to you!

Julie, UK

Hi Rachel,
I wanted to thank you for the reading – it is very accurate in many ways and
i’m pleased that my Grandad came forward to speak with you. ….It is inevitable that I will contact you again – I hope that’s ok.

It’s been good ‘talking’ with you.

Kindest regards
Lorraine , UK

Thank you Rachel,
I cannot begin to tell you how dead on you were.
As for my female past life all I can say is WOW!!!~ I can see bits of my personality in her too.
…Light and Love to you and many many thanks.
You were ever so right with this reading …

Dear Rachel, I just wanted to say thankyou so much for seeing me on Tuesday. There was an awful lot to think about but you’ve given me the most inner peace I have known for 8 months. … You were so accurate in my character and situation. It felt as though you were as familiar with everything …I’m so glad I came to see you …I am so grateful to you. I owe you my inner peace, confidence in the future and happiness. Thankyou is just a word but it really does mean so much so thankyou. …
Jon , UK

A special warm thank you for you, thank you so much for my reading and P related very much to the man you mentioned and bless him for coming through and thank you so much for introducing me to my guide, bless her for coming through, bless you for all that was in my reading, it has helped me a great deal.

Much much love, happiness and blessings to you.

Marisha , UK

Dear Rachel,

Thank you so much for that reading. I’ve re-read it many times now, each time I pick up something new. You put a lot of time into it, I can tell.
You’ve helped me understand a great deal, and it was good to know that
you’ve gone through some of my same experiences. And it was just really cathartic to be able to share the whole experience I had this summer with
someone who could understand.
Marla, USA

Hello Rachel,
…you just completed a reading for my girlfriend … She had wonderful things to say about you and the reading and i wanted to give it a try my self. …Thank you very much, and i cant wait to hear from you.

Oh Rachel!
Thank you!
I am filled with such warmth after reading this!
… I am so excited!
This reading has brought me much hope for this life and more confidence in many ways. Thank you Rachel for bringing this message through to me! ..Much love, respect and appreciation always,

Dear Rachel

Thank you for welcoming my friend and I to your home i had a nice positive reading with you and your kindness was very nice. I am becoming a bit more
positive with everyday life and now every time I start to think i cannot do something i think of the spirits up there backing me all the way.

Thank You
Diana , London UK

hi rachel,

thankyou so much for your quick reply, it has helped me a great deal already, im not so confused anymore and i know what i have to do.

everything you said made sense, i had a feeling that you were the one that could help, its so nice to find someone so genuine, whatever i achieve now will be partly due to you, i hope it doesnt sound daft but i feel so much more calm and peaceful today and im looking forward to progressing,

yours sincerely.
kerry UK


Thank you so much for my reading yesterday, it was all very reassuring and
after talking to my Mum and Dad they confirmed the things I wasn’t so sure
about at the time. I look forward to seeing you again in a year or so!

Take care
Claire UK

Dear Rachel,

Thankyou for my reading last night, it was very encouraging. I would also like to say how pleasant it was not to have a time limit and to just go with the flow of the reading.
Thankyou once again for your time.
It was a pleasure meeting you.
Colin, Essex UK


I have so far only read half your web site, but feel strongly compelled to e-mail you at this stage.The fact that for the first time in my life I am about to tell someone about my
experiences makes me nervous and yet at the same time I feel able to confide
in you………
….You are the only person that I have told all this to.
……Many Thanks for the time you took helping me to understand things. At present I am gradually digesting what you said and slowly getting used to the idea that theres alot more to me, that all makes sense now but that I never actually realised until seeing your website….. I really appreciate the help and empathy you have shown me..
Many Thanks.
Kindest Regards
karen UK

Hello Rachel,
I just wanted to thank you v. much again for the reading this afternoon, it really did mean a lot to me and talking with you has spurred me on and lifted my spirit ……
…….and I just wanted to wish you every success with your endeavours and your kind gracious spirit.
God Bless,
Caroline xx UK

Dear Rachel,
This is just a note to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I will remember and pass on your bit of your kindness shown. You are right !
Once again God Bless you and all your loved ones and please do let me know if I can ever be of any sort of assistance

Rachel is not only extremely accurate and precise with her readings, she is one of the very few psychics that I have had the pleasure of meeting, who deliver their messages with empathy, heart and soul. She is clearly a very gifted and talented woman who walks inbetween the worlds and communicates with the spirit world. There are very few who have crossed my path who truly allow themselves to be the hollow bone that Creator can use for His divine purpose. Rachel is such a reader and her readings are truly a blessing and a healing into the hearts of her sitters. As a psychic and medium myself, I can say with all honesty that the reading that Rachel did for me was one of the best readings I have had in 15 years. She is a beautiful soul.
AdrienneSS (Shaman~Sapience). NEW ZEALAND

Thank you Rachel for your wise words. Thank you for all the help you have given me…

I will keep expanding my psychic gift and communicating with my guides and angels. Once again thanks.

God Bless

Bhavesh Patel, LONDON UK

Thank you so much for this. You are completely accurate with regards to the dream about the man I thought I would marry – and I have just finished a year’s counselling course …

Thanks once again.

Hannah UK

Well Rachel. I am very pleased …

…With regards to M. Thank you. It is lovely to know who is looking after me. …The advice with A was wonderful, and so true. …
Rachel I am very impressed and quite emotional. Thank you very very much. I will be in touch again as I am sure my mum will want to hear from you too.
Lots of warmth and happiness… Love, Jill. UK
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