Hello and welcome, I’m Rachel.

My awareness of there being a spiritual purpose in life began with a life changing loss.

I first discovered there are energies other than this physical 3D world as a direct result of the unexpected and sudden passing of my younger brother, Simon in 1991.

I was 19 then and sceptical about most things supernatural, psychic or mystical; in fact I used to poke fun at the subject. Then I received my wake up call… No one could be more amazed than I was to discover that death really is just an illusion, that Simon was alive and well in the place we all come from and return to between lives, transformed and communicating with me from the other side as a sentient being far more intelligent than I.

I learned to control my new found abilities and studied and trained hard for many years to be the best medium possible. Through my own experiences in learning the truth, with the help of my very humorous guides and 2 great mediums who are no longer with us on this plane, I questioned everything I experienced.

I learned that the entire Universe is energy, frequency and vibration. We are each of us pure consciousness.

Each and every single one of us , these bodies are just our vehicles…and so we do not mourn the body when we go Home, returning to the same Source we came from. No more than we mourn a car when it’s outlived its use. We just get on with our existence in another form.

I very much retain some of the old scepticism so that I can trust completely in what I see, hear and feel. My guides often like to find written proof or evidential synchronicities with the people I encounter to validate what I sense during my experiences. Its essential to have an open mind, but not one so open that your brain falls out! Rational reasoning first, always.

Mediumship opened so many more doors to how the Universe and energy works. I studied different healing modalities, learned remote viewing and how to do healing and cleansing workings in person, and then with many years of practice, I honed my ability to tune into energy frequencies and affect the energy of land, spaces and people in need of healing distantly. 

I retired from mediumship in 2015 to focus more on my distant healing and cleansing work, to create spiritual art and do the myriad of other things I learned over the years.

My ongoing mission is to help you to improve your life and feel empowered.

What I bring to the table:

  • If you want to change your life for the better, I’ll help you to learn how to transform yourself, clear the path and and heal whatever needs to be worked on in order to become the best version of yourself you can be.
  • With me you can and will maintain your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being. I’m on that same journey you are, and currently on a huge weight loss mission (approx 295lbs lost so far). I’m walking that path with you!
  • Over the decades I have studied, gained qualifications and learned via my own experiences and life changing events how to change and manipulate my energy frequency for the betterment of my health, self empowerment and for others.
  • I can and will give you the distant courses, attunements, therapies and tools to help you to find your unique purpose and live a full life.
  • I will always encourage and empower you to move forwards with purpose into your future with a mindful, productive and positive default outlook no matter what life throws at you.

Thanks for visiting, feel free to read some of my articles – I like to share what I’ve learned so far.

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Bright Blessings – hope to work with you very soon!