Welcome to Your Spiritual Evolution.

You've found a safe place of spiritual help and support.

Life can be overwhelming, confusing and challenging.

Are you looking for some spiritual meaning or help in your life?

Beautiful change can come about from the darkest of challenging times. I'm living proof and consider it my mission to help you to live life fully, being present and feeling purpose. too.

28 years ago I went through an unexpected psychic, supernatural and spiritual awakening after the sudden loss of my little brother, Simon.

I turned all my experiences since towards the purpose of helping anyone wishing to evolve their spiritual self.

I believe you found this website for a reason.

I can and will help you to evolve into who you are meant to be, holding space for you, teaching you all the spiritual tools and skill-sets you need to create a more meaningful daily life, with healing and talking therapies, practitioner courses, mentoring and spiritual guidance.

Lets get started!

Here's my free guided meditation based on 2000 year  old simple techniques to help you bring your mind and focus to the present moment:


Late night distant healing with Rachel