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Diamond Energy Therapy is a transformational therapy channelled in January 2016 by Emma Sims with Rachael Nash, Lisa
Morris and Lindsay Sullivan who worked together to develop the Diamond Energy Therapy system further.

The energy has been described as feeling tingly, sparkly, magnetic, clear and light. Like diamonds. It also has a strength and force behind it – diamond being a very hard substance, it is protective. It may help if you are feeling vulnerable. DET may also be used to help empower you with manifesting and co-creating intentions and releasing blocks in that process.

Diamond Energy Therapy may also help with:

❖ Recuperation from illness

❖ Strengthening the physical body generally

❖ Bonding, strengthening and deepening relationships by helping us to drop the mask that we all wear within relationships, walls that we build up such as those of the heart. As diamonds are a symbol of eternity, so it may aid relationship and attachment issues such as those difficulties that people have with staying in relationships – both romantic and platonic friendship.

❖ Psychologically it may help with fear but will home in on that which needs transforming. Including the shadow – the rose tinted glasses come off bringing strength clarity and truth to the individual, clearing the perception, to see anew.

❖ Boundaries and protection; diamonds have a rigid lattice which makes them an incredibly hard substance, they can be contaminated by few impurities. It is with this premise that the Diamond Energy Therapy may help those who feel vulnerable, frightened and needy to feel more protected, boosted and ‘shored up’. With this added protection in place it may help further for people to let go and allow themselves to be more vulnerable and deal with core issues at the core of their being.

❖ For those who have suffered abuse of any form, DET may help the person to feel more resilient.

❖ DET may empower people who don’t feel confident to make own decisions but would rather follow others or copy others, it may help that person to become individually empowered, their own person rather than the chameleon, giving backbone and strength.

❖ It may help with people who are extremely empathic and/or have problems saying no and maintaining healthy boundaries.


A feeling of blowing away the cobwebs and shedding a layer, feeling lighter.

You may experience a feeling of what it is to feel ‘pure’.

If you are afraid of your anger DET may help. You may experience a release of suppressed anger and feel more able to channel and transmute that energy into strengthening your boundaries in a positive and lovingly assertive way in future.

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