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  1. Hi Rachel

    I came across your website and am very interested in some of your courses. Where are you based?


  2. Hello…I have a question with regards to how spirits communicate. In 2015 when my choir director passed away, I heard what sounded like high pitched radio frequencies for nearly a week. The sounds stopped when I did something that I think my choir director wanted me to do, which was to reach out to a mutual friend. The second time I heard the same high pitched radio frequencies was a day after my husband passed away in October 2017…this time the sounds occurred for only one day. Do spirits try to communicate in this fashion and will I eve hear it again…thank you.

  3. Hi Marybeth,
    Yes, I have also experienced this many times over the years. It is a part of clairaudience and you will probably experience this again and can develop your abilities further if you wish to. Think of it like the phone company testing the line before an upgrade It is quite common!

  4. Hi Giverny,
    Apologies for the delay in reply! I am in Hertfordshire UK. All my courses are available as home study and distance attunement too. Hope that helps

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