September 2020 – Shields up!

Have you noticed an increase in people letting you down, electrical gadgets playing up, physical pain amplified, maybe becoming a little more forgetful and feeling tetchy?

Many of us are experiencing these things the past few weeks, myself included.

I’ve had a total of 9 people mess me around badly in the past 5 days and everyone I know is having electrical items stop working or act up.

So much so I asked my guides yesterday why this is, and they confirmed my inkling, that the global collective consciousness has never been so upset and outraged, angry, frustrated and fearful as it has been the past few weeks. So many low energy interactions and radiation of anger.

This is affecting and amplifying the vibrational energy of every being, making already unreliable people more so, and some have really lost the plot. Add to this we’ve had intense solar EMF bombardment since the Equinox earlier this week, which often increases physical pain and brain fog.

I have increased my own self care with more meditation, Reiki, Eir, Diamond Energy Therapy healing and using Chaos Flush energy several times daily to release frustration and ensure that my energy stays out of that bombardment.

We’re living in strange times and need to use every spiritual tool, and do whatever we can to stay flowing and not caught on the external challenges. Bruce Lee was so right, we must be water.

Some coping tips:

Stay out of external drama. Switch off the mainstream news, dip in and out of reliable news sources online.

Ensure your boundaries are being respected by others who may not have any. Don’t allow your own personal energy to be drained by another person. It is OK to say NO. If you don’t have enough energy to get involved with something you are being asked to be drawn into in that moment, you can be honest about needing to rest. Then you can offer the best help possible.

Don’t say yes to something you know you can’t commit to. Get comfortable with how to kindly say no when you need to.

Have positive expectations even if you feel like the Universe is kicking you in the pantaloons. This time will pass either way no matter how we worry, or not…  All time is a series of nows strung together, so why deny yourself hope?

If you are attuned to any healing modality e.g. Reiki – use it! Switch it on little and often throughout the day, a few minutes here and there.  Infuse your food, water, bath/shower with the energy and leave it running in the background while relaxing.

Acknowledge that some of what you are feeling right now may not be your own and take steps to get rid.

Here’s a useful little technique to ground yourself – make it part of daily life whenever you need to ground and release any energy you don’t wish to keep, especially when you feel it might not be yours:

I use sound as a powerful cleanser too, lots of videos on YouTube with 432hz sound frequency –keeps the vibe harmonious. Sing loud uplifting songs whenever you can, even if you don’t consider yourself a singer, it really does lift and change your vibration.

I have created a Cord Cutting with Archangel Michael guided meditation which will help bolster your strength, disconnect from any people or circumstances that are less than and forge new healthy cords of connection with those you love. It helps you work on forgiveness and reconnection with people too. Enter password Michael to view and/or download it whenever you wish.

This is a lovely guided meditation on your chakras to make a part of your daily routine, particularly nice and relaxing before sleep. I’m told it helps some people fall asleep before the end which is about as relaxed as you can be.

Spend time outside. Find a green space, with like minded people whenever you can. I’m often in the woods with Mr F or friends for a few hours restoring my sanity after a challenging time, absolutely nothing recharges the batteries and gives us a boost more. You’ll come home different.

Sending you all love in these challenging times!