On this Autumn Equinox, we are reminded of balance and how to look deeply and objectively into our lives to seek it.

Questions we could ask ourselves:

 What nourishes my soul?

What practices keep you feeling nourished, and how often do you need to do them in order to avoid burnout and keep you energetically balanced and feeling well?

Commit (or re-commit) to bringing a little more self-care into your life.

Figure out what that looks like for you—maybe a healing treatment, a chakra balance,  some yoga; a weighted blanket, cooking with warming spices, such as cinnamon, cumin, turmeric, ginger, clove which are also great for natural reduction in inflammation within the body, especially joint problems such as arthritis. I swear by them and eat them daily and increase my intake during autumn and winter.

Get creative in your grimoire or journal

Painting or colouring with autumnal shades is a beautiful way to honour the energy of this day. If you don’t feel confident in your abilities yet, buy a beautiful colouring book and let your creativity flow! Or even buy a beautiful old second hand hardback book, paint out the pages with jesso or white acrylic paint and make it into whatever artistic book you wish!

Create a nook or altar

I have several surfaces in my home that are little altars… find any little sill, shelf, table or corner and decorate it according to the season.

How can I come into greater alignment with nature?

To align more closely with nature, start by noticing what’s happening around you. Tune in to the changes in the air, the temperature, and the light. Try adjusting your daily routines so that you rise earlier, with the sun, and begin to wind down a bit earlier, as darkness arrives. “The fall equinox is an invitation to come into alignment with the cycles of light and the circular nature of the seasons,” Micah says. “The more we connect with this cyclical rhythm, the more we align with nature.”

Where am I at? Just as we observe the seasonal changes, we can also be the witness and honour the changes happening in our own life. Take a step back, and a compassionate, eyes wide open look at where you are in your life.

Where can you take steps to come closer to what you most want to be doing?

Apply this question to everything! Your career, relationships, creative expression, your personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Can I surrender? Just as the leaves fall without resistance, autumn equinox gives us the opportunity to work with accepting what’s changing in the same manner.

You could decide to let go of what came before and open yourself to accept you are more than capable of making the most of whatever opportunity or challenge comes next?

Autumn equinox reminds us that although nothing is permanent, there is a cycle of rebirth and renewal that never ends. As in nature, we grow, we bloom, we shed what no longer serves purpose along the way of change, and we make room for new growth to come in again.

The wheel never stops turning, always something new on the path ahead.

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