Energy Report – New Moon in Virgo – 17th September

New Moon

Virgo really can bring in the constructive energy of purification.

Time for us to attempt to try to be virtuous (hahaha… I know!)

This new moon energy is a great spiritual window of time to receive some energetic assistance with our willpower and intuitive guidance about any health challenges we may be experiencing. If we struggle with sustaining willpower this is a good day for anything we associate with self purification.

See beyond the superficial – focusing on our spiritual progress and desired evolution despite the challenges of this year so far will help hugely.

Health discipline now will reap reward – along with any focus on creating meaningful personal transformations. If we are serious now about what we want and ridding our lives of what we do not wish to focus upon any longer, we will create constructive change and build new possibility in our lives.

Questions we may ask ourselves on this new moon:

  • Digestive focus – how may I improve my gut health?
  • How may I be of service to help others, how may I mentor or inspire by example?
  • What is still of value to inspire gratitude within me?
  • What is no longer serving a purpose?
  • What is working well for me and needs to be brought forward more?

The impatience of Mars may give us some challenges in staying out of distraction but it also gives us some fiery feistiness wherever we need to channel that energy into positive peaceful warrior stance for ourselves or on behalf of those who are marginalised. Allow it to give you optimism!

Romance is getting a real boost, especially if there has been any imbalance within an existing relationship – if you aren’t happy, you’ll be identifying and acting upon what’s not working and may feel a real prompt to change your own behaviour patterns as a result.

Even if you just sage your home and light a white candle with the intention set of cleansing energy sweeping through your life, it’ll be powerful stuff.

Of course, I’m here if you wish to book yourself in for a little cleansing work

Until next time

New moon blessings!