Full Moon
28th January 19:16pm UK time

Truth vs lie is a bit of a theme on this full moon, within and without.
This is a time to sort the wheat from the chaff and make sure your knowledge is being sourced from a trusted place, especially before you act upon it. Listen to your intuition!

We need to step back from drama, personal and world stage. Time to focus on what brings us and those we love closer to our greatest and highest good instead, simplify, delete the BS, cleanse.

Make time for self-care, especially when it comes to mental health over the coming week as this full moon is one of “those” moons… intense, buzzing with energy, keeping us awake at night. I’m already waking several times per night with this energy! But not in a bad way.

We can take advantage and harness this intensity for our highest good, and I’ve been doing just that in those waking moments in the wee small hours, gazing up at mother moon, drawing down the replenishing, empowering energy. Watching the glints of diamond moonlight reflected on the snow and opening up Diamond Energy Therapy for a little blast of self healing. Marvelling in the magic of being present with that beauty of nature and the Universe. We need to drink in all of these tiny moments.
We are really being prompted to think about the opportunities and abundance we can create, the much bigger picture, beyond the current state of things. If we allow our minds to be limited now, we will miss so much possibility and opportunity.

Some questions and mantras to meditate or journal upon for this full moon:

• Where am I placing my thoughts and attention and is this for my highest good?

• What would I like to dream up, create and plan?

• I feel scared, but do I need to? What are the facts?

• I will replace all unfounded fears with trust in my own capability to cope.

• I will truly feel compassion toward myself and others.

• I call in empowered lion/lioness strength, energy and inspiration today!

This full moon is also a Wishing Moon – a time to manifest great things! 

You can find out more, download my step by step Wishing Moon Ceremony Manual 2021 here right now and get manifesting…