Energy Report – Full Moon in Virgo

Mercury is finally direct again!

Anyone else have gadgets and vehicles breaking down?

It was intense! Communications and electronics went haywire, our neighbours were certainly affected by the strange energy. Today, things are clear, balanced and light again, can you feel it too?

This morning was the perfect time to cleanse and balance my chakras and my home.

We have a full moon in Virgo tomorrow 27th at 08:17 am UK time.

It’s been a time of extreme disruption on all levels, some painful, some amazingly positive renewing energies and events. Even our weather has been interfered with! The universe is always seeking balance so this rebellious dramatic energy on all levels will bring about change for the better. The balance is shifting!

As we recover and reflect on the teachings in these experiences, we must support each other however we best can. More than ever we need community and unconditional love.

Its also OK if we are feeling more rebellious and resistant to authority, especially if we feel like we are being railroaded into something we don’t agree with. Remember the power of saying NO.

Moving towards taking back our power and doing what makes a difference and helps the world evolve will help us all feel better about these challenges.

Pour this rebellious streak into acts of kindness and positive productivity. We have a strong energetic pull towards championing the underdog, and we must include ourselves in this compassion!

This full moon in Virgo is a double edged sword, in that we can feel very pro active and energised, very focused on our well-being too, but also prone more than usual to anxiety. We are in our own heads more than usual! We need to acknowledge that is heightened, and do a little self care and energy work to counter it, especially if we feel unsettled and restless anyway at full moon.

You might be feeling more powerful than usual in a magical sense at the moment too. This is fabulous energy for connecting with our power this Full Moon.

Personal mantras to meditate upon:

Three things I am grateful for…

I am aware I create my own reality.

Intuition: What do I need to be shown?

I will not focus upon lack, only upon what I CAN do.

I do not consent to being controlled.

It is safe to be powerful.

I trust my ability to make good decisions.

I refuse to be fearful.

I send love into the world with simple intention.

I’m here to support you with healing and cleansings, spiritual tools and mentoring if you should need me! 


Until next time…

More power to you!

Bright Blessings

Rachel xxx