Why you need a spiritual toolkit

Challenges are a part of the human existence, in fact they are necessary to help us to evolve and grow. We choose to come here as spiritual beings having a human experience of learning. We are in boot camp!

But when we work on ourselves with our own spiritual toolkit, we don’t have to suffer quite so much, and can even thrive while we experience the challenges we face. The joyous times too are even more amazing.

So what is a spiritual toolkit?

Everything in the Universe is energy, frequency and vibration. Even the space between the molecules of solid matter. When we think in these possibilities, we can learn ways to improve our mental and physical health, learn how to use energy work with intention to change ourselves and circumstances around us for the better. With spiritual practices, meditation, energy tools and healing modalities we can adapt and evolve and move through life in a calm and serene manner come what may.

Being aware of and open to experiencing energy work to clear and heal your mind, body and auric field is a game changer. You can call upon practitioners like me to work on you whenever you feel the need, but  – the most powerful thing I have personally found that works for me and countless others, is a combination of knowing and calling in the help of other experts in energy work whenever needed AND being attuned to energy and healing work modalities myself.

Attunement to energy healing and clearing modalities gives us the lifelong ability to then call upon the energies to self treat as and when needed, and to help heal others too. I never lose my sense of awe at what can be achieved in my own health and ongoing well-being despite all the challenges I experience daily.

For example, if I listened to surgeons and doctors who told me bad news about my legs, lymphatic system and joint problems years ago I could be in a very bad way by now. Instead, I manage my symptoms and pain levels with daily self treatments using spiritual healing modalities such as Reiki, Eir, Diamond Energy Therapy and other energy work, natural remedies and a plant based diet. I experience much less pain than I should be in.

On bad days, I use meditation to get my head above the pain too. Knowing it will pass and is not permanently going to be experienced at such a high level helps me immensely. I attribute my ability to bounce back fast from health blips to the energy healing modalities I have lifetime access to since being attuned. I feel incredibly empowered and fearless at all times, no matter what I am experiencing, knowing I have solutions to boost my health, energy and well-being. It took time and dedication to daily practise to get here, but it is all worth it.

When we decide to add to our spiritual skills, we are empowering ourselves at the highest level. We are constantly bombarded with new vitamins, smoothies and how important it is to hit the gym… but that is just the physical aspect of well-being. Our mental and emotional health is often overlooked entirely.

When we make a commitment to our spiritual health, we are truly taking back our power from any fear of the unknown, enhancing our sense of capability in coping with whatever may challenge us in life during the times ahead, reducing stress and anxiety in turn.

I can attune you to lifetime access to healing energy, whenever you may need it in:


Angelic Energy Therapy 

Diamond Energy Therapy

Eir Healing

Chaos Flush

Plus, there are many other healing systems out there you may resonate with too, if you feel drawn to a particular healing concept there is a strong likelihood your energy will blend well with that particular modality. I always book a treatment to experience any resonant new healing energy for myself, and if I am blown away by it, I will add it to my skill set as a practitioner and to help me thrive too.

Another string to your bow as an intuitive, compassionate being is to develop your own abilities to sense more than we do using the 5 senses in this 3D physical world. The more intuitive we become, the more in tune we are with our own changing needs and those of our loved ones day to day.  We can notice subtle nuances and fluctuations in ourselves and others around us. It also helps us to navigate around difficult people and situations more easily!

It’s not difficult to become more adept at going within…

Some simple steps you can do right now and make part of your daily life.

Listening to guided meditations with a purposeful intention, e.g. my own Chakra Awareness Meditation, Opening Up To Spirit Safely or Cord Cutting with Archangel Michael meditations. Practice and repetition strengthen the intuitive connection between mind and body.

Listen to music at Solfeggio frequencies such as 432hz to improve mood, mental function and sleep quality.

Spending time in nature can actually reduce anxiety and depression, according to the ‘Nature and Mental Health Report’ produced by mental health charity Mind. Trees produce oxygen, walking in woodland is the best oxygen boost there is!

“Imagine taking a walk in the forest right now. You feel the earth and leaves under your feet, the snap of twigs. You listen to the birdsong and look up through the breaks in the canopy to the sky above, noticing how the light filters through to a point just further along the path. You breathe in, deeply. You smell the distinct forest aromas: Moss, Sap, Earth and Wood. You take it all in.”

—  Yoshifumi Miyazaki – Shinrin-yoku: The Japanese Way of Forest Bathing for Health and Relaxation

Writing your thoughts and observations down

If you are ready to build your own spiritual toolkit, strengthen and empower yourself and others, do take a look at what I can offer you, and book yourself in. All my courses come with comprehensive, easy to understand manuals for you to enjoy learning at your own pace, in your own time at home before or after attunement day which is also distant, at an appointed time. Geography isn’t a problem, we can do this wherever you are in the world.

Are you ready?

Looking forward to helping you to build your very own spiritual toolkit!

Blessings, and more power to you…