New Year Collective Reading

I like to begin the
new year with a little reading for the collective, here’s what I drew from my many decks – these were from the Shaman’s Dream and Quan Yin oracles and Rune Cards by Lynn Boyle…

(Cards overseen by my sarsen stone dragon from Avebury) 🙂

The Fool’s Embrace card:

The pain of life is sometimes unbearable. When we’re in it, we think that pain, that loss that betrayal will always be woven through our continuity of existence. We’re kept hostage by the way we identify with the pain and what we make it mean. If we let it, it becomes etched into us like a tattoo.

No matter where on the spectrum of pain you find yourself now, whether it be mild disappointment or searing loss, it’s time to make peace with it. Befriend it, rather than resisting it, running from it, or judging it as bad or unfair or hostile. Can you see the gift that is here? Surrender to the Fool’s Embrace, allowing the truth to envelop you in love and compassion. What if you could learn something amazing from this? What is truly yours will not pass you by. Something better, and perfect for you, is waiting elsewhere. If you could come to terms with the liberation and freedom inherent in loss, your broken heart might open you up to a greater sense of humanity and compassion. As in the narrative of tarot, the Fool will be at the beginning of your life’s adventure and at the end when you’ve integrated all the wisdom you’ve accumulated along the journey. He will never let you down or lie to you. He will, however, teach you how to revel in both the beauty and desperation of life: “both/and”-“this and that- will always be true.

Remember the pearl can’t be created without the gritty sand causing discomfort and acting as a catalyst in the oyster. Your “pearl” is discovered in radical acceptance that everything has value. All is well now and will be well. Remember that today as you feel the Fool’s Embrace.

Quan Yin Wisdom:

My intuitive take:

I’m not at all surprise to see the Rune of Mannaz appear, I’ve been seeing it repeatedly in the branches of the ancient trees outside my windows. We are being called to Remember Who We Are, and importantly, who we wish to be as our authentic true expressions of ourselves. Identity, Culture, Intellect, Artistry, Invention. These words speak to creating our true selves where perhaps we have chosen to suppress who we are, maybe not felt permitted to become until now, either by circumstance or fear of judgement. Which parts of you long to be expressed and can remain hidden no longer?

This also speaks loudly to us all, to never dismiss our own suffering as meaningless to go through. Pain and loss have indeed been instrumental in forming my character, my compassion for others and my integrity. When we go through challenge, we must not turn away from it, we must incorporate it into the teachings we accumulate throughout our life span. We become more empathetic to the suffering of others too. It truly shows us who we are, and who the people surrounding us playing important roles are. How do you feel when pain comes around? Capable of facing it and coming out the other side changed for the better having experienced it? Or full of fear, worry, anxiety?

It also teaches us who is truly there for us in our times of need. Do others do for you as you do for them when they are suffering? We are shown where we need to draw boundaries, and will be surprised who shows up …and who we expected to but didn’t. With suffering comes wisdom and revelation.

We are being reminded to rest, to go within, to feel nature’s lead of deep rest and self care being necessary in order to spring into life, fully rested and more bountiful and abundant in energy for having done so. Drawing our energy and life force down into our roots, grounded and secure.

2024 is time to release ourselves from oppression, whatever form that has taken until now.