New Moon in Sagittarius – Energy Report

New Moon12th December 23:32pm UK/UT

New moons offer us new beginnings.

A chance to shift old energy, thought & behaviour patterns, change our perspective and release all that no longer serves us, instantly making room for the new to manifest into our lives.

And this one in Sagittarius is taking no prisoners!

This energy today is all about being adventurous, for taking action and being true to yourself, entirely unafraid of what others may think.

Easier said than done to be *that* bold, right?

The first steps of any journey are usually the most charged with fearfulness – massively challenging, loaded with fear of the unknown.

But – here’s the crunch…

If you never try you will never know.

If you fear being judged or care too much what others may think or say if you dare to become more authentically you – try reframing your thoughts about that fear.

See it more as the sharing of your unique abilities and skills with others, no longer holding back on what you actually have to contribute to the world.

  • It is a good day to anchor a commitment to learn something new or to pursue a new area of interest – even some kind of new relationship, be it romantic or seeking out like minded folk on a platonic friendship level.
  • Anything that you put into motion today has the Universe meeting you more than half way!

It is not a day to be hiding from the world. 

  • Stand in your own truth and integrity. Others will believe or act as they choose, but you *can* do something about how you live your own life and what you do to take care of what is important to you. It is time for us all to step up and evolve as individuals within the greater consciousness.

But how?

You can begin right now with a pledge to yourself that you will prioritise taking care of your mind, body and spirit *before* you crash with exhaustion each time.

Maybe you feel like eliminating whatever causes fear and negativity in your life? The stuff that offends your soul by remaining.

Stop caring about opinions that do not matter. We have no control over the opinions of others, that right there is absolutely none of our business. Just do you with a kind heart and loving assertiveness. See how people that you meet start to respond to your higher energy as you lead by example.

Whatever you choose to focus upon, choose wisely. Make changes that bring you at least a little more into alignment with your true self.

Harness this super charged moment in time!
I have a few distant healing and cleansing
appointments across the new moon energy window…

Looking forward to working with your energy!