Full Moon in Gemini – Energy Report

Full Moon in Gemini

27th November

Knowledge is power in this Full Moon energy window.

The message from the Universe here is one dear to me that I always heed – “Consider The Source”.

Remind yourself to always consider the source of any information or knowledge you wish to acquire or trust – does the source of this information come from a place of experience and expertise, or someone trying to convince you they are walking their talk? Is their own personal agenda colouring their words?

If something does not seem legit, no matter who the source is, trust your instincts on the legitimacy of the information you seek. Do your research, TRUST YOUR GUT.

We are changing faster than ever in this human experience, evolution is often uncomfortable but is necessary. We are also collectively evolving spiritually into a new time where illusion will fall away and truth will out, so we continue to take back our power, a little at a time wherever we can. w

We are capable of creating great change, with small actions. but we need to be consistent and unafraid to let the old fall away. If we consider the Tower card in tarot – it is often a scene of epic destruction, struck by lightning, the Tower falls to the ground. What is often missed is its message of hope, because it can be rebuilt stronger and better than ever, as we are mindful of the lessons learned in the fall.

This is a time to allow the superficial to fall away. Whether you wish for it or not, we are entering a time of deeper connection, to stand together on common ground, remembering what is shared, what we have in common, ignoring our differences and that which calls to separate us.

How to harness this window of power this full moon:

Integrity first. Who are you when no-one is looking? Are you surrounding yourself with authentic people or are there some fair weather friends, only concerned with what looks good, or what is in it for them by knowing you?

This moon will reveal who is who!

Work on clearer communication with those you love and care about, express yourself kindly and clearly, and ask for the same courtesy.

Be Vulnerable – Don’t be afraid to open up. Sharing and understanding at soul level with those we care about happens when we lead by example.

Do Your Research – Trust your own opinion and intuition, and consider the source of any information upon which you intend to make any life changing decisions upon.

Be Honest – We may feel more conflicted than usual about expressing an honest opinion that may be taken the wrong way. Choose your words kindly and carefully, but don’t hold back.

How May I Be Free? – What is restricting you right now? What has 2023 taught you about how you may be holding yourself back from personal freedom? Even tiny changes or empowering yourself with new spiritual tools will lead to greater freedoms in 2024 and beyond. The more we focus upon that which we *can* do to make a difference in meaningful ways for ourselves and others brings us closer to personal freedoms.

I have space tonight for some full moon healing and cleansing, book yourself in here if you need me! 

Wishing you a powerful and peaceful Full Moon experience, however you honour this powerful moment!