Energy Report | Full Moon in Taurus PLUS Lunar Eclipse!

28th October 21:24pm GMT/UT
Full Moon in Taurus
PLUS Lunar Eclipse! 19.03pm to 21:48pm UT/GMT

visible in full from Europe, including Russia, Italy, Germany and the UK, and African countries like South Africa, Egypt and Algeria

As if the veil between worlds isn’t thin enough as we approach Samhain on the 31st, this super charged moment of lunar eclipse will make even the most oblivious person spiritually aware, and possibly clairvoyant AF too! 

You will feel connected, empathic, senses heightened to the nth degree… but keep an eye on being emotionally super sensitive too.  No permanent decisions about temporary irritations around you please!

If there is something you wish to end, something you wish to bring to a close, the days surrounding this Lunar Eclipse and Samhain are a great time to take action. 
A time for revelation, to bring what is hidden into the light. A time to get real about what we wish to be rid of and why, to honour our authentic self, and to honour our loving ancestors and their achievements too.
To truly feel our self worth.
To acknowledge it is safe to stand in our power …and to say NO where we need to.

Looking back over the past couple of years, many things will have come full circle for us all.
Are there lessons you are still resisting that are demanding your attention time and again?

Time to manifest the solutions and answers you seek under this full moon!
There is no other time quite so potent.
Questions to ask ourselves and meditate upon:

Do I truly see and acknowledge how far I’ve come?

Am I ignoring something I could solve?
If I sit quietly, what inspiration or guidance drops in to my thoughts?

Have I congratulated myself upon my achievements lately?

Where must I say NO?
If you wish to work with this potent window of energy, I have a Full Moon Ritual guide with some simple ways to harness this beautiful energy and make it work for you.

Mini Ceremony for the night of Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse:

Light a candle and think of all the things you wish to be free from.
Write them on a piece of paper, fold the paper away from you 3 times or more, burn it in a fire proof receptacle, with the words “May I be free!” stated silently or out loud as it burns.

Then, think of all you wish to attract and manifest.

Before you go to sleep on the night of the full moon, think about all of those things being real, already in your life and bringing you joy.

Make a list if you wish, and place it under your pillow.
See what happens!

I won’t be available on this full moon for a lovely reason – we are moving home!

I’m away from 26th to 30th October – lets pray to the internet gods I’ll be back online by then!

I’m back if you need any treatments to soothe the soul from the 30th 

Enjoy this powerful moment and use it well!

Until next time, more power to you…