Energy Report – Full Moon in Libra

Full Moon in Libra
6th April

10:04 am GMT/UT

Prepare for illumination of all kinds!
Spiritually minded people will be feeling super powered up, with a heightened sense of awareness, feeling very plugged in and connected in all good ways. We will be experiencing enhanced psychic ability, maybe even a little “hello from heaven” sign or two from our loved ones on the other side! Remind yourself you are safe in being this kind of powerful! This all lovely energy to embrace.
Be prepared for some hidden truths to come to light, secrets to be revealed and most likely villains and their dirty tricks being exposed! Especially those who wield power in self serving ways with less than good intentions. Come-uppance for those who deserve to be exposed. As we have just seen, a certain ex president of the USA just got arrested!
Libra is all about freedom and truth. When we truly set the intention to live by authenticity and integrity we will feel particularly well aligned with the Universe on this full moon. There is a strong tendency too for “what goes around comes around” to happen, and this full moon has other planetary alignments going on which may leave us surprised, maybe even shocked at what is revealed to us about the actions of those who deliberately try to deceive! Be prepared for your jaw to drop. The tea will be spilled!
Points to ponder today:
Do I like and approve of who I am?
Have I embraced my shadowy traits and changed what I have the power to change?
How truthful am I in all I do?
What do I need to do to align myself with who I wish to be?
How may I be of service to those who have been disempowered by devious people or powers?
May I welcome any signs and “hellos from Heaven” from my beloved ones in spirit today.

Today is also a Wishing Moon, one of 8 powerful times to manifest and dream big each year! If you haven’t downloaded my Wishing Moon Ceremony manual yet, you’ll receive a list of other Wishing Moon dates too with all you need to harness and amplify these energies.