New Moon in Aries – Energy Report

New Moon

New Moon in Aries

21st March 17:23 UT/GMT

This new moon is giving us a magnificent kick in the pants, bringing us right out of winter hibernation!

Motivation and rebirth, renewal and forward motion is truly ours IF we choose to harness it. What we choose to do now determines the outcome.

Aries, as we know is fiery, feisty, passionate energy that waits for no one so this is no time for procrastination – it is time to trust your gut and say YES to all things (even some surprises) that help you to be your truest self and lead you where you wish to be. Choosing to remain stuck out of fears or “what ifs?” will not work for you today.

Questions to ask and ponder today:
Expect the unexpected, can I flow with surprises?

Do I allow myself to express my passions in life?

What scares me about saying yes to things I’d love to do?

Do I know it is safe to be powerful?

Do I have the courage to start something new?
What can I initiate today that will help me to grow?

See what comes to you! And most importantly, take action, no matter how small.

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