Energy Report – New Moon in Aries

New Moon in Aries
20th April
05:12 am UT/GMT
PLUS Solar Eclipse 07:59am

We’re experiencing a rare second New Moon and solar eclipse in Aries tonight 19th/tomorrow on April 20 depending on your time zone.

(The solar eclipse happens at 07.59am UK time on 20th.)

This is just a month after the last New Moon in Aries on March 21. We truly have a window of opportunity to make progress towards whatever we wish to manifest for the better, or just harnessing this life force enhancing energy to better go with the flow, living more presently in the moment with nature’s cycles and seasons.

Aries is a fire sign, so this window of time gives us the opportunity to tap into the fire element empowerment… greater strength, courage, passion, and determination. Fire can lead to anger and being too impulsive or ego-driven if we don’t check ourselves, so we have to be incredibly self aware and hold ourselves accountable!

We may feel the Aries energy pushing us to stand up for ourselves, leap into the new, and find the confidence to stride through new doors that are opening for us.

We are currently in eclipse season, which means if you’ve had a long-term goal in mind, more and more doors of opportunity are coming. You have the opportunity to witness your dreams come to life. Writing our achievable hopes down and keeping them somewhere visible to “feed” the intention is really helpful. Decorate the paper with doodles or create sigils to power up your intentions, place a drop or two of jasmine essential oil on the paper to draw in and acknowledge the moon energy window of creativity and power.

The supercharged energy behind this Eclipse also comes at a time of year approaching Beltane, May 1st where the veil between worlds is as thin as it is at Samhain. We sense everything more deeply at this time, we experience naturally increased sensitivity, creativity, and intuition. With Aries energy also so upfront we need to be mindful of impulsive words, actions, and allowing emotional sensitivity to override rational reactions to challenges we may experience. Before the red mist descends and takes hold, take a deep breath, centre yourself. Of course, if the Aries fire is required to lovingly assert yourself in a situation where your power is being taken, channel it into finding the right words to empower yourself.

Questions to ponder…

  • Am I trusting my intuition enough?
  • Am I allowing myself to feel my emotions honestly?
  • Is my reaction commensurate to the situation I find myself in?
  • How am I working towards what I truly want?
  • What DO I want? (Sometimes it is easier to first establish a baseline of what you do not want, or will not allow to continue)
  • Am I on track to achieve changes I’ve been dreaming of? Do I need to adjust my approach and actions here?
  • Am I being fair to myself and others?
  • Where can I show better understanding and empathy toward myself and others?

Make the most of these energies!


I have a few appointments for some distant healing with this amazing energy, if you feel inclined, book yourself in here…

Until next time….

love and bright blessings

Rachel xxx