Energy Report – Full Moon in Scorpio AND Lunar Eclipse

May 5th 2023

 Full Moon in Scorpio 18:34 UT

Lunar Eclipse 17:22 UT

Brace yourself.

Full Moon in Scorpio arriving on 5th May, at the same time as a lunar eclipse …AND Mercury is still retrograde? Eek.

It will be an intense Full Moon, expect the unexpected and big drama for a day or two before and after. You may already feel more emotional or irritable! This combo of energies may also bring some nasty surprises, especially irrational behaviour from people you wouldn’t expect it from. Knowing in advance will take the sting out of the scorpion’s tail, you have been warned!

I tend to look at it like this… It’s all just cosmic energy loosening up what needs to move and flow. If our attention needs to be dramatically drawn to a problem that needs action, then this is that time.

Opposing forces are going to be amplified, such as struggles with a healthy work/life balance or what you need versus what you want and desire. Prepare to avoid tension and to ignore external pressures, as these are more likely than usual to create conflict and crises that drain your energy.

Again, forewarned is forearmed!

A subconscious need for change and stimulation may be dragged to the fore… this could cause you to act recklessly. But this is not the right time for significant changes in direction or lifestyle. Don’t rebel if your desire for something new or exciting is blocked, it will only be you that suffers. This is a time for waiting and preparing, so be patient with yourself.

We need to be ultra patient, flexible and adaptable in response to unexpected events and sudden changes too.

Now the good aspects and questions to ask ourselves!

Our emotions and instincts become heightened at every full moon, so we can use our emotional strength and intuition to overcome these challenges.

This is a good time for meditation on honest and balanced insight into our important personal relationships, intuitively revealing any previously unseen dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony.

Are my relationships a two way street of reciprocation?

Am I giving too much?

Am I chasing communication?

We will be feeling a strong need for independence which contradicts our need for emotional support, but we must do the independent things and be self reliant anyway.

Lunar Eclipse Visibility

The Lunar Eclipse will only be slightly more potent than a regular Full Moon because it is a subtle penumbral lunar eclipse.

This is a penumbral lunar eclipse where only a faint shadow occurs on one edge of the Moon, way more subtle than most eclipses and is often mistaken for a regular Full Moon.

The eclipse will happen on May 5-6 depending on where you are in the world. It’s visible from Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica and Indonesia.

For me, this is the perfect window of time for some chakra cleansing and balancing, I may also have some availability 24 hours before and on full moon here for you.

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