Autumn Equinox (or Spring in the southern hemisphere) is almost upon us, are you feeling the change of season this past week?
There are different reasons for this.

Some of us are just creatures of nature and seem to be keenly attuned to the cycles of nature and notice the change in the air, the scents and sounds of flora and fauna.

Some of us feel the bigger shifts at equinox that tell us spring is sprung, or autumn has arrived.

These bigger shifts are partly more noticeable at spring and autumn equinox due to solar activity.
Ever since the planet formed, cracks open up in the Earth’s magnetic field at the equinoxes. The cracks are opened by the solar wind itself.
South-pointing magnetic fields inside the solar wind oppose Earth’s north-pointing magnetic field. North and South partially cancel one another, opening a crack. This cancellation can happen at any time of year, but it happens with greatest effect around the equinoxes. Fissures form in Earth’s magnetosphere. Solar wind can pour through the gaps and this is what creates the exceptionally bright displays of Arctic lights we are experiencing now.

At this time of year, the aurora can be seen much further south or north than usual. Imagine what our ancestors must have felt looking up in awe of these swirling and dancing displays! No wonder so many ancient cultures spoke of gods and goddesses flying through the heavens in chariots!

Aside from the beautiful aurora, we humans and animals can feel the effects of this bombardment of magnetic energy within  our bodies and minds. We can feel energetically and emotionally up and down, strange and peculiar! We may feel weirdly energised one moment, drained, exhausted, emotional or brain fogged the next. A real inner rollercoaster!
Some migrating animals can become confused but soon intuitively right themselves again.

It just isn’t spoken about. This natural atmospheric phenomenon that has occurred since the dawn of time!

As you’ve probably seen me explain before,
Science has proven that everything, all matter in the universe is energy, everything has its own vibration and frequency.

Some people can tap into that and use their own energy to work on improving or banishing negative energies.
I know how important it is to maintain and balance not just my own energy, but the energy of the spaces I spend my time in, based on what I myself have experienced, and have witnessed in so many of you too.

I use this ability to maintain my own well-being, health, personal energy and that of my home environment. And yours too when you work with me.

When I made the connection some years back about how the sun’s energy affects us at equinoxes, I realised this power could be harnessed for wellbeing too. I decided to experiment with my spiritual tools and abilities to clear my mind and body of the less desirable effects and tap in to the energising potential of this moment instead.
Equinoxes are now powerful times for me!

Firstly, I take this opportunity to do a deep cleanse of my home space and body, with a spiritual house cleanse and chakra balance and cleanse.
I then tap into the amplified energies to boost the effectiveness of my self healing treatments.
The results are electrifying in all good ways. I feel my life force and strength increase rather than drain.
Flipping the energy from unchecked overwhelm… to a source of power and health.

If you’d like to experience all of this for yourself, my Clean Slate package will do the same for you.

Many of you have been working with me for a long time now, telling me you are thriving with the help of my distant treatments and cleanses of your chakras and your homes and business spaces.

Have you experienced energy work yet?
When was the last time you invested time and effort into spiritually clearing your spaces?
Do your home and work spaces feel warm, welcoming, protected?

We can change and shape our reality in day to day life by improving and lifting the energy levels within ourselves and our environments.

So, what informed my decision back in the day that my energy needed to be worked upon and maintained?

We all have challenges going through daily life. I noticed that there were times that my body, mind and home felt out of balance, off somehow, like I was surrounded in stale energy, a tiredness I couldn’t shake off.

I noticed times that coming home from my 9 to 5 home felt heavy or unwelcoming instead of my haven.
I learned that our spaces absorb what we radiate and experience.

I also learned we also need to consider the layers of energy left behind long before we ever set foot in our homes. The history of the land our homes are built upon, even the bedrock composition can affect how energy accumulates in our homes too. And that’s before we even consider the layers of previous occupiers and neighbour energy left behind from their day to day life!

A good cleanse and a little maintenance will work wonders in creating a really uplifting and welcoming home, and a healthier you.

Some tips:

Home –
To me, the most obvious start would be a spiritual house cleanse to get rid of all the past layers of crud hanging around.
When I carry out a cleanse, I am thorough – I feel my way through the history of the land, the building and go down to the bedrock, not just recent times and events.

Good Vibes Encouraged!
Some simple regular work on changing the vibration and frequency of your own energy and that of your home works wonders.

A really fast and simple way to improve harmony is to play music at 432hz frequency around the house. It is incredibly healing and soothing energetically and calms a space after disruption. There are some great videos on YouTube I use, and even some that help with sleep too, I leave it running quietly on my phone next to the bed sometimes to help me stay asleep.

Fresh Air

Get out into nature as often as you can. I’m out in the local woods almost every day. Trees produce oxygen, the air in woodland is a rejuvenating tonic like no other. Any green space will lift your sense of well-being. Bringing plants into the home will improve air quality too.

Saining/Smoke Cleansing/Diffusing

Burn sage, cedar, bay leaves, yerba santa, palo santo or incense at least once a week in a heatproof vessel.

Frankincense oil in a diffuser lifts the senses and clears and clarifies a space. And your head!

Beeswax candles clear and ionise the atmosphere.

Rose or smoky quartz, selenite, honey calcite and citrine are powerful cleansers and harmony bringers. Raw unpolished pieces even small ones can lift and harmonise a space.

Regular distant chakra balance and cleanses, The Restorative, healing treatments or Clean Slate, even becoming attuned to healing energy modalities bring you empowerment.

You are standing firmly in your power when you step out of fear and into doing something for your self improvement… and that will radiate outwards to others around you.

Being committed to keeping my mental, physical and emotional well-being at the forefront helps me to negotiate my pathway into the future and who I can become.
Bouncing back quickly and rising like the phoenix from all challenges!

I know I am committed to continue equipping myself with all the tools and energy workings I can, because I see and feel the results – it’s certainly working for me.

If you’d like to explore what you could be doing to help yourself and others too, take a look at what I can offer