£60.00 GBP  – up to average sized 3 bed home

£100.00 GBP –  larger homes (up to 7 bedrooms) and plots of land up to 3 acres

This is a distant service. But how?

Science has proven that everything, all matter in the universe is energy, everything has its own vibration and frequency. Some people can tap into that and use their own energy to work on improving or banishing negative energies.

I’ve 30 years worth of experience in dealing with the difficult side of  spiritual energy cleansing, healing energy work and banishing nasty paranormal entities, so you are in the right place. I’m very down to earth, and retain plenty of scepticism so will not jump to any airy fairy conclusions, I base my workings on what I find and always start with possible rational this world causes when I tune in to the energy of a space.

There can be any number of reasons why your home may feel “off” or unhappy.  There is no “one size fits all” approach to cleansing, I will tailor my work to your unique situation.

Our homes and places of work often have heavy residual energy problems, especially now as we are all forced to stay home more than we are used to and the challenges that arise from being in close proximity with other people in our home space at such a stressful time.

There can be a build up of layer upon layer of energy and/or negativity over years from previous or current occupants – even previous or current neighbours’ energy can seep into our space, affecting our homes and auric fields without us being aware of it building up.

Highly emotionally charged arguments, incidents or violent past events do leave a stain or imprint on the fabric of the land itself, not just the buildings upon it. I have cleansed homes built upon ancient settlements, battle grounds, sites of former forts, castles etc.

Bedrock can have strong energy vortexes deep within it, especially in areas with high quartz content. So the land itself can record and amplify the effect of past events too. Buildings of any age will accumulate imprints of the lives lived out in them… just think of all the emotions, events, circumstances experienced by each and every person who spent any length of time there.

When we move in, we are marinating in it all! Would you sit in someone else’s dirty bathwater? When we move into a previously occupied building, energy wise this is what we are doing! I have always cleansed and blessed every home I move into ASAP as I don’t wish to be impacted by other people’s old baggage and end up with their problems.

Start as you mean to go on!

Home may just not feel right when we’ve lived there a while. Our own life events and challenges can build up in the home atmosphere, causing it to become unwelcoming, heavy, oppressive. Kinetic activity (things moving) or a false sensation of presence or being watched can occur if enough residual energy has built up. Maybe there’s nothing rational, factual or historically negative that you know of to have caused this. This is where I can tune in to find the root cause, find the right solutions to carry out the right energy work and banish whatever I find, all to bring your space to peace and harmony.

Taking the paranormal and your surroundings out of the equation for a moment, you may even have had a difficult period in your life you wish to leave behind and really start anew with a fresh clean slate.

Paranormal or spiritual activity often has a benign and kindly origin, such as loved ones who have crossed over wanting to deliver a message or show support during a challenging time in your life. Not all activity is bad.

Some activity is triggered by renovations or changes to a building, and needs to be calmed. In my experience, it is often our loved ones or friendly spirit visiting us in our homes or places of work out of curiosity or former residents in their fondness for the property they once owned.

In extreme cases physical issues can happen if an entity is just intent on causing harm to the living… thankfully this is very rare. For these cases I have developed a technique which has worked successfully many times.

The Process:
I use a combination of tailored energy work and healing energy techniques to cleanse or draw whatever I find to me to deal with distantly here on my home ground. This is far safer for you than me being on site.  I’ve found it much safer to draw any spirits I find to me here on home ground to deal with, plus you don’t have to deal with any noise or disturbance while it’s happening.

If I find a spirit I will start with counselling of the spirit person, but if need be I will use ritual and angelic assistance to remove and banish uncooperative ones. I have adapted the Roman Catholic exorcism ritual to a non denominational one which applies to all belief systems in order to ensure an ethical yet complete removal and banishment of any entity you do not wish to be around you.

I will:

Find out who/what it is (if from the living or paranormal)

Why it is happening

If appropriate I will rescue the spirit in distress or remove the problem.

I then proceed to cleanse and close down your home. I seal it shut to the spirit world with pure energies so that it is no longer possible for any paranormal activity to continue. I make sure that only loved ones from the world of spirit are welcome in your home, or if you prefer, I can seal it completely. If the disturbance is down to a build up of negative energy from the living or neighbours rather than a spirit person, I will clear that energy and seal your home from further intrusion.

The End Result:

Your home will feel different, lighter, positive, safe and peaceful, a welcoming and inviting place you look forward to coming home to.

There’s a saying here in England –  “An Englishman’s home is his castle” and that is so true. I feel that applies to us all wherever we are in the world. If your home doesn’t feel like your castle, a safe haven, a place to retreat to and feel comfortable like nowhere else on this Earth, it needs some work! 

No matter what I find, I can help you.

No matter how bizarre or strange the situation, it is very likely I’ve encountered similar elsewhere. Yes, weird is my normal!

I have carried out many cleanses, spirit rescues and business premises blessings, both in person and distantly for clients as far away as the USA, Canada and Australia. I can carry work out for your friends and family’s homes too, they won’t feel me working just notice the benefits afterwards.

Geography is no barrier to a cleansing being effective, as I can work from photographs and direct energy to wherever you are in the world with exactly the same positive end result for you.

  • You won’t notice anything strange happening while I’m doing the work  but you will feel the difference in atmosphere when the work is completed.
  • Please note I do not carry out visits in person. I have developed ways to draw the energy to me which is far safer for you. This makes no difference to the potency and efficiency of the work carried out, as time, space and geography make no difference to it’s effectiveness.

However, if you feel strongly that a person needs to visit you on site then I wish you well seeking out another avenue of help.

How To Book Your Spiritual Home Cleansing:

  • Click on the Book Now link below to book an available time on my calendar for me to do the work, completing a short form giving me all the info I’ll need.
  • You’ll be directed to PayPal to make your payment, you don’t need a PayPal account to do so.
  • After the work is done, I email you my report within 48 hours, usually within 24. You’ll already know its done as you will feel the atmosphere shift for the better.

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