New Moon in Leo – Energy Report

New Moon in Leo

16th August 10:38am UK/UT/GMT

A new moon is always a fertile time for new starts but this one is particularly amazing for a little self empowerment.

The boldness and self reliance of Leo energy in today’s new moon urges and reminds us to remember who we are – powerful creators of our own destiny. We need not look to others for permission to be ourselves.

In tarot, Leo the lion often appears on the major arcana card for Strength. Lion is fierce, confident, holding our gaze, warm and loyal, not threatening.

“Does the lion worry about the opinions of sheep?” Nope. Lion roars and takes the initiative. The Lion is his/her true authentic self.

Today is a wonderful time for initiating what you wish to attract and radiate in order to live an authentic life, true to what you stand for and believe. To begin creating or contributing towards something positive and life changing for others who feel challenged. Now is the time for doing, with the focus on being clear about exactly what it is we wish to attract and create more of.  Acting now will bring results that may surprise you.

If you have recently asked, “Why me?” or felt powerless about events in your life, you can begin to change your thinking and expectations today.

Other planetary influences are warning us to temper the Lion with kindness, tact and diplomacy, especially if we are facing the truth of some uncomfortable circumstances or feel righteous anger – The Big Ego will be puffed up so be aware and prepared for that.

If today had a mantra it would be “Know Thyself” – A reminder we are to treat ourselves with the same kindness we show others – accept all parts of who we are, dare to be different and give ourselves permission to be bold!

Always here to offer some energy work – I’d particularly recommend Eir Healing or Empowerment Booster distant treatments if you feel the urge to take advantage of this Leo energy window and maximise its potential!