Lions Gate – A Powerful time of abundance

Strength by Rachel Fowler-Keene 2021

On the 8th to 12th of August to every year, the bright star Sirius, aligns with Orion’s belt directly over the Pyramids of Giza. Some believe the pyramids were built for this cosmic alignment, and actually help the Earth charge with the powerful spiritual energy of this cosmic alignment.

In Ancient Egypt, many mystics felt connected with the star Sirius, it was considered our “spiritual sun” because just as our actual sun illuminates the physical world, Sirius, a star 25 times brighter was thought to illuminate the spirit world, revealing wisdom and truth. it was also believed to be a pathway of entry into the heavenly dimensions.

The date “8/8” is believed to be an auspicious and powerful key number, it represents wealth, luck, authority, self-confidence and inner-strength in numerology for example.

When turned on its side, the number eight also turns into the infinity sign, which represents abundance, unlimited potential and infinite wisdom.

It is also the point marking New Year according to Ancient Egyptian belief. Whatever your belief system is today, powerful alignments like this give us the opportunity to harness that energy for manifesting anything that serves our highest and greater good and powers up our purposeful intentions while releasing the blocks we experienced in the past.

You will notice waves of change sweeping through your everyday life, some big, some small, but all of them important. Even the challenging changes are perfect opportunities to learn and grow.

How to help this energy work for you:

Be Gentle With Yourself! – Make this next 48 hours as simple as possible so you don’t feel the overwhelm rising. Don’t get into unnecessary conflict, cut yourself some slack and speak to yourself and others kindly.

Ground yourself, clear your space with saining herbs or sage smoke if you can or light incense or a candle, while setting the intention of discovering whatever needs to be revealed to you most.

Be Here Now. Be present. Make it as easy as possible – Feel free to use my FREE Zen Mindfulness guided Meditation whenever you need to bring your focus inward quickly and effortlessly. You’ll feel different in 15 minutes!

Use Tesla’s theory of power numbers 3, 6 and 9 for tapping into the energies of the Universe to help bring about change.

  1. Create three affirmations or mantras that represent what you want to bring into your life. Don’t limit yourself to one thing, you can create a phrase to represent anything that you want to achieve in your life.
  2. Once you have your aspirations, say them out loud or write them out on paper six times – the Universe hears your thoughts and helps you turn them into reality.
  3. Lastly, visualise yourself with the end result of these affirmations for nine seconds. Make it as precise and realistic as you can imagine, like it has already happened for you and you’re just waiting for time to catch up!
  4. If you wrote them down, cast the paper into a fire or burn in a heatproof safe receptacle with the words “And So It Is, My Will Be Done!”

You are not alone in your quest for spiritual well-being and mindful evolution. Remind yourself that you have access to all kinds of tools and people to help you acquire them, new ways to work through whatever needs attention or healing.

If you have a drum, use it while thinking of your aspirations. Drumming reinforces those vibrational frequencies of abundance and amplifies them!

Drum, let the rhythm flow as it will, see where your thoughts take you and journal them right afterwards before you forget them.

I find drumming a huge healing experience, you can listen to some of my recorded sessions on my YouTube channel here 

The Lion’s Gate power can urge us to be Lion-like in all aspects.  Be careful your roar doesn’t self sabotage in knee-jerk reactions to others who may be less aware of why they are experiencing this energy!

Use this Lion strength for good causes, channel it however it manifests in positive ways for you. Use it to stand up for what you believe in, rather than roaring in frustration.

However you choose to mark this time of powerful energy, make space for some self care. I can help you with that if you need me…

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More power to you, as always…

With Love
Rachel xxxx