Full Super Moon in Aquarius – Energy Report

Full Super Moon in Aquarius

August 1st  19:32 UT/GMT

The full moon on August 1st is the second of four supermoons this summer with the next, a Full Blue Moon, falling on August 30th.

The moon is closest to us and exerts even more of an intense pull on our bodies and emotions.

It also falls on Lughnasadh or Lammas, the first of our harvest festivals, encouraging us to express and truly feel deep gratitude for all that we have and hold dear to us, and all we have experienced so far this year. Even the challenges… especially the challenges, for they have tested us to the limit and we are still here! Look at what you are capable of and how you can rise to anything should you choose to.

Don’t beat yourself up if you set goals that haven’t quite manifested yet. Instead, focus on the attitude you have in attaining what you set out to do.

Are you still contributing all you can within your power and current circumstances? If yes, be gentle with yourself. If no, focus on what you can change, not on any lack… especially anything that is outside of your control.

Full Moon in Aquarius shows us our quirks, all that we are is laid bare to look into and accept as part of us as the whole. It asks that we celebrate and accept our uniqueness, our creativity, our ideas, our capabilities… and encourages us to express it all so much more than we already do.

I’ve personally learned to love the weirdness that was just me being me, loving what I loved, not following the herd. It would often lead to me being misunderstood and not “fitting in” as a child, but now I ask if I want to fit in with whatever is going on around me… or do I forge my own path and feel true to my authentic being? I learned that solitude is absolute bliss sometimes and must never be confused with loneliness. spending time with ourselves alone now and then is how we learn who we truly want to be and which boundaries we need to set with others in order not to feel put upon or unappreciated, unheard.

Take some time this full moon to sit quietly, comfortably and think about the following:

What lights you up?

What creative activity would you love to do more of?

Do something you’ve never done before that will bring a smile.

What can you do today to bring in a feeling of strength and capability?

Stop listening to criticism, external or internal. Swap your focus to what you CAN do that brings you a greater sense of self worth.

Look yourself in the mirror, and acknowledge something about yourself…something about who you are that you are proud of, no matter how small.

Take some time for self-care, even if it is 15 minutes.

Make sure you reap some rewards today, if not now, when? 

And of course, as always I am here if you would like to book yourself in with me for some distant cleansing, healing or magickal bespoke workings… Take advantage of this powerful window for some amplified energy work!