Full Blue Supermoon! Energy Report


We have the second full moon in August on 30th/31st August

depending on where you are in the world.

Here in the UK it is at its peak at 02:35am on the 31st.

Not only is it the second full moon in the same month, known as a Blue Moon, it is also the closest the moon will be to Earth this year. In fact it won’t be this close to us again until November 2025. When the full moon draws this close, it is a Super Moon.

This means the moon’s influence upon us is extra intense …the powerful pull upon the tides and us (we are 80% water after all) will be felt. But we can also harness this powerful moment for the greatest and highest good for ourselves and others.

Factor in we are now entering Mercury Retrograde, and a few other intense planetary alignments, warrior stance becomes second nature, so we need to check our words before they fly out of our mouths! Use the energy to help others in need, those who may need your peaceful warrior energy to support them in a practical way. Communications may be slightly challenging at times and others may startle us with abruptness. Don’t take it personally.

It is a time of manifesting abundance but also to reflect upon that which we are grateful to experience right now. The harvest season is upon us, we are beginning to reap what we have sown… but there is more to come.

All things are amplified at this full moon, so what we place focus upon will magnify in significance, we owe it to ourselves to focus upon that which we most value. Not lack, or sadness or anger.

Full moon in Pisces is dreamy energy, a time for encouraging daydreams, dream visions, gut feelings, knowings… they will be VERY vivid on this full moon, trust them to be steering you right. You may even have some sense of secrets about to come to light, things may finally come to a head in some cases but its OK, its much needed and will move obstacles out of the way at last! On a global scale we are seeing corruption being exposed left right and centre, so we could even have some huge shifts occurring for the better in this aspect.

  • What lights us up?
  • What do we wish to receive more of?
  • What do we need to burn to ashes to nourish the seeds we wish to plant next?
  • What brings us comfort and support?

Good crystals to meditate with are carnelian, red jasper and garnet.

Have you been struggling to deal with a spiritual awakening?

You may find a shift in awareness that makes it all seem a little clearer or makes it a little easier on you energy wise around this full moon. Maybe it is already happening in the build up?

It is a great time to be seeking inspiration and guidance in our spiritual practices, so keep things simple, get out into nature, get really still and quiet for a few minutes wherever you are and just see how you feel.

Higher awareness is yours if you listen. 

How I can help:

Use this free Zen Mindfulness meditation tool to be here, now. Feel present and clearer just by listening whenever you need to. This practice is thousands of years old and it works. 

Download my Full Moon Rituals manual here for some step by step ways to work with full moon energy.

I’m on hand if you wish to book yourself in for any distant healing or cleansing work to help you make the most of this full moon energy –

I have space for you.

However you choose to harness this full moon energy, more power to you.

Until next time…

More power to you!

With love

Rachel xxx