New Moon in Virgo – Energy Report

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New Moon in Virgo

27th August 09:17am GMT/UT

Feeling restless, like something is off, chaotic? Well, that’s all of us then!

You may feel like thoughts, people or situations of the past are suddenly popping up to challenge you, and this is exactly how to see them, challenges we experienced and learned from, knowledge we harvested. We aren’t regressing, going back, quite the opposite – we are reminded of overcoming and moving past these things once before. As a dear friend says to me often, “the river never flows backwards” nor should we now.

The energy of righteous rebellion continues on, shining light into dark spaces to reveal the hidden corruptions, secrets and wrongdoings of those positioned in power.

This restlessness often leads us to feel confused about what to do, how to effect change both in our personal lives and in the world.

This new moon asks us to use the momentum of that restless rebelliousness to create and forge something new. To build, manifest, learn new skills, create healthy new habits, work on our well-being. Virgo asks us to simplify, purify, look at what is essential for our highest good, and discard that which harms us.

Hesitant to make the first move or initiate contact to arrange something important, possibly life changing? Bite the bullet, make the call, write the email, no holding back now.

What we need to ask ourselves:

Do I speak to myself kindly?

Who or what do I need to distance myself from for the good of my health?

Who or what do I need to bring into my daily life to enhance my well-being and mental health?

How can I contribute to the world around me in a healing and positive way?

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