Energy Report – Full Super Moon in Aquarius

Moonblossom by Rachel Fowler-Keene

This full moon in Aquarius is influenced by Uranus, the planet of the sudden and unexpected, and Saturn, which prompts us to think about what we want and what we’re going to do about it.

We will be feeling the urge to re-evaluate our lives, our spiritual evolution and progress across the board.

Plans e.g. get togethers, travel delays etc may present annoying little blips in your timeline rather than all out chaos. So go with the flow, stay in your power and keep choosing peaceful stance!

It is the perfect time to be making little tweaks and adjustments, especially to anything that’s been niggling at you intuitively. Sometimes we can’t logically or rationally explain why we feel a need to change something, but the level of discomfort we feel by remaining in the situation screams change!

No time like the present for positive changes and new adventures.

However… Beware the knee jerk reaction!

Sit with your feelings and take a moment to ask yourself,

“Does this require action on my part for the situation to improve?”

Sometimes, we can’t change a situation for the better and have to find acceptance, maybe forgiveness.

You may be feeling impatient or frustrated by the actions of others, or their lack of willingness to change, but take a breath, count to ten and remember your own path is all you need to take care of. If you need to place some distance to protect your energy from someone’s selfishness, so be it.

If you need to forgive, break old cords of attachment and maybe forge uncorrupted shiny new ones, here is a helpful free guided meditation I recorded calling upon Archangel Michael’s help.

I also have space tonight and tomorrow afternoon UK time for cleanses and healing, harness this powerful window of transformative energy and book yourself in!