02.02.2022 – Energy Report

Today, the 2nd day of the second month of 2022 is a powerful day for manifesting, especially following yesterday’s New Moon.

This day is about the element of water, our emotions, and the subconscious made real.

You may be experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions, old events and traumas being brought to the surface to be healed. Even the things we thought we had dealt with long ago may need some fresh perspective today, so strap yourself in and go with feeling it, with the intention to move through it after sitting with the feelings for a moment.

Twos can also bring up duality, separateness, judgement for us so today may be a little challenging on that energetic level, we may feel this being aimed our way or we may even fall out of our connectedness to all things ourselves for a moment or two.

What we need to know:

When repeated numbers are noticeable more than usual, they are asking us to listen to our intuition. When we second guess ourselves instead, it’s usually because our intuition is guiding us one way, but external influences are trying to lead us elsewhere.

I can’t emphasise this enough, especially today…

Always Listen To Your Intuition!

Remember, everything in the Universe is about frequency, energy, vibration. When we align ourselves with what is truly for the highest good of all, intuition is easier to follow and act upon.

We are being asked to raise our energy, manifest what is authentic and kind, and today it will be a little easier to do.

Happy Manifesting!

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