New Moon in Aquarius February 2022

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1st February 05:46 UK / UT/ GMT

This new moon in Aquarius is inviting us to dream boldly about the future and do what we can to make it real. A wonderful window of opportunity to magically lay the groundwork for manifesting our desires.
This new lunar cycle will usher in a more chilled vibe after the big dramatic start to the astrological year we’ve had.
We start the month with a sigh of relief as Venus has ended her retrograde and is now stationed direct—with Mercury soon to follow direct on February 4.
While we’re not quite out of the retrograde woods just yet, as both planets will have to clear their retrograde shadow, this new moon is reminding us that new cycles—and new opportunities to change our inner and outer worlds —are always just around the corner.

What actions can YOU take to manifest change, empower yourself, (and others) no matter how small?
A phone call, an appointment, a list of priorities?

How can your actions make a positive impact on your environment?

Do you wish to contribute to a global cause for good?

It really is a powerful time to move toward meaningful change for ourselves, 

Whatever you decide to do, more power to you!