Full Moon August 22nd 2021

22nd August 13:02 UK/UT time

We have the second Full Moon in Aquarius in a month.

A time of endings, coming full circle, and right on the cusp of big new opportunities for humanity to step up and right some wrongs. We may feel overwhelmed of late, the endless reports of inhumanity and fear. But we do not have to choose fear.

If you’ve been having little inklings and knowings of late, there’s a reason. There are planetary alignments afoot that amplify our natural latent psychic abilities – we all have them in varying degrees, just some abilities are more naturally pronounced in certain people. This full moon gives us a glimpse of what we could know more often and more deeply if we were to focus on developing our natural abilities even further. You can book yourself in at any time for one to one mentoring with me if you like what you are feeling right now and want to develop your psychic senses further.

What can I do to harness this full moon energy?

Bigger picture energy work is best today.

Whether you feel up to baby step stuff or a spiritual ceremony, think of the collective life on the planet today.

I know it is a lot to ask with recent world events, and the pain closer to home for us all in who and what we’ve lost. But please don’t feed the fears… we fight back when we concentrate on being present, really here, now in the moment and finding some tiny joys and gratitude in each day, no matter how small. No matter how worried we are encouraged to be right now by external influences. For example, I was in a lot of extra pain earlier this week thanks to a broken tooth, but I still felt deep joy and gratitude in the help I received and for the love and care I was shown by friends and family, then further joy in that moment of pain receding from my face!

Find a quiet moment in a quiet space to be present – if you find it difficult to be with your thoughts Here’s my free guided meditation to help you be in this moment fully.

Being out in nature or spending time with animal companions = joy and presence in the moment. Cats have taught me more about how to be zen like and have strong boundaries than any other creature on earth 😊

Sending energy to the world at large to become a better and fairer one is amplified today. Any healing or simply good thoughts for the greatest and highest good of all will be amplified and felt deep in the one consciousness. Rebellion can be peaceful and always starts with the individual.

Being less fearful is an act of rebellion these days.

As I wrote this today I was listening to Florence and the Machine, and the lyric “Don’t go blindly into the dark, in every one of us shines the light of love” leapt out at me. Remember to shine and to radiate love somehow… even if your light has been forgotten for a little while. It is still very much there!

If you feel like focusing on your spiritual development today, you could take a look at my Meditation Store, full of meditations guided in my voice and available for instant download here, 

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Until next time, with love…

Rachel xx