Full Moon In Aquarius – Energy Report

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24th July 03:37 UK/UT time

We’ve already been feeling the energy of this full moon. Brace yourselves!

Is conflict or chaos rising up in your life, from unexpected quarters?
There’s a conflicting alignment of planets that can create drama but we can channel this energy into positive, protective, motivational energy.

This full moon in Aquarius is all about breaking the chains that restrict us individually and on a bigger scale, how we conduct ourselves as a “civilised” society. Last time we saw a planetary alignment like this was in the 16th century when Henry 8th dissolved the monasteries to remove the Pope’s power over England, which also put religious practice into the hands of the people rather than the church. I’m sure his intentions were entirely for personal gain, however, this is the kind of big energy shift, giving power to the people vibe we are able to tap into.

What we can do to stay out of drama and use this energy for good:

  • Celebrating and protecting the outsiders, the underdog, those who need a lift.
  • Avoid Aquarian energy overthinking, living in our heads. Have conversations, don’t make assumptions.
  • Authentic self questioning – Who am I right now and does this align with who I feel I must be?
  • Celebrating the right to be unique, love your quirks!
  • Responsibility – what’s really yours? Which responsibilities do you need to hand back to someone? Enabling is not helping, who around you needs to stand on their own in order to evolve and learn?
  • Are you holding so tightly to familiarity in an unhealthy situation that you can’t see the silver lining of letting go? There is liberation in putting yourself through the challenge, reward to be had.

This full moon is challenging us, but in all the right ways! Be brave, delve deep and don’t flinch when the solutions and insights reveal themselves…

If you need some healing or cleansing distant work to help you work with this full moon, do book yourself in for one of my many spiritual tools and therapies. 

Until next time… be well and more power to you!