August Full Moon 2020

The moon just went full!

And today’s Aquarius full moon, is square Uranus.

(No tittering now)

(Pfft! Oh go on then, I did!)

So this full moon brings peculiarity, some unexpected change and demands us to expect the unexpected with flexibility and adaptability.

I’d definitely advise not taking risks or making knee jerk decisions or changes today.

Positive thinking, hard work, patience, and kindness with our words will make any difficult changes much easier to handle.

Home, family, and intimate relationships are the focus for not just today but the next two weeks as you’ll be feeling opposing forces at play. It’ll be work versus home, what you need versus what you want, opposition ahoy… so now you know, don’t allow this energy to create tension and pressure. If you don’t make time for self-care and your spiritual well-being, you’ll end up easily led into conflict and chaos that drains your energy, so make it non-negotiable that you get some you time.

Our instincts and intuition reach their peak at a full moon. This os a good opportunity to help yourself heal any relationship challenges you’ve been experiencing. You will clearly see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony if you meditate on this today.

There’s a rebellious streak to this full moon’s energy too, as we’ve already seen in world events these past few days. So its up to you to decide whether to go with an almost compulsive urge to seek stimulation, independence, rebelliousness, and recklessness. But as I’ve said, this is not a good moon phase for risk-taking or making sudden changes, so don’t be surprised if following your compulsion results in some consequences!

Making some adjustments in response to change is fine, but making big changes on the spur of the moment could well lead to more chaos in your life.

The best way to handle this erratic energy is to be open-minded and flexible. This will help you use your heightened instincts and faster reflexes to your advantage. You can then quickly adapt to unexpected changes and take advantage of exciting new opportunities.

New relationships with unusual people, or with people from different cultural or ethnic groups than your own are likely, a great breath of fresh air and new perspective! However, such new relationships may be brief or cause a backlash from close friends or family so be prepared for that.

Keep your communications and especially written messages simple and to the point to avoid misunderstandings. Extra care should be taken with important decisions and business deals. Seek professional or trusted advice if you must sign a contract, delay it for a week or so if you can.

However, critical thinking and the ability for deep research make this is a good moon phase for studying serious or spiritual subjects. Positive thinking, attention to detail, patience, and understanding are the keys here, and the more unorthodox or woo-woo the subject matter, the more you’ll enjoy it right now!

So, if there is anything I can do to help you on this dramatic full moon, I have distant healing and chakra cleanse and balancing appointments available tonight if you fancy a little full moon self care! Feel free to book yourself in…

Full moon blessings!

Until next time…