New Moon in Cancer July 2020

This New Moon in Cancer encapsulates the global situation and our own personal vulnerability in one.  Of late, we may feel we have been torn between our need for comfort and security versus the expectation to adhere to rules and boundaries.   I dont know about you, but the rebellious streak in me is right at the fore!

Despite the restrictions upon our global freedoms at present, it’s still up to us to rebel peacefully and personally to put our lives back in order.  Our personal lives are entirely ours to master, no matter what is going on in the world.  What has been allowed to slide?

We must now take action and here’s why this particular new moon is a great time to do so. Cancer is a caring sign and when we care about something we can act responsibly  because we are emotionally invested in the outcome being a kind one.

We set good boundaries when we truly care about the consequences of the outcome as we are setting them.

Abuse of power has been rife in the world for so long, but in recent times  more and more of the power-corrupted structures and people have been exposed. Since this New Moon in Cancer rules over children and the vulnerable too, we can expect more corruption exposed. Darkness is being brought into the light to be expunged and healed.

Saturn (visible in the night sky so brightly this month) is very much the planet of “what goes around comes around.” Especially for people and institutions that have abused their power – more so for those who have taken advantage of the vulnerable.

On an individual and personal level today, we need to examine and meditate on taking back our personal power from anything oppressive – be it our own behaviours and patterns or external oppression.

Really check in with ourselves to ask what is it that overpowers and restricts us in our own personal spiritual evolution?

To do that, we have to

  • identify and sit with whatever comes up that needs attention,
  • create supporting habits to nurture ourselves

From that place of caring and understanding, we can find better rules and create better support systems.

But we first have to face our vulnerability. Only then we can transform it into true power.

Here’s some new Moon Meditation advice to help you remember who you are and feel powerful again. Or maybe experience your own power for the first time. Today is a huge opportunity to remind yourself it is safe to be powerful in a loving and kind way.

Brightest New Moon Blessings!