Solstice New Moon Eclipse – Energy Report

This Eclipse on the 21st June at Summer Solstice is likely to bring big shifts and changes that will continue to dramatically manifest on a global level. A new pathway is opening for the planet, and this Eclipse is the first step we are all taking as a collective.
We can use this energy to call in and manifest what we wish to feel and experience both on a personal and global level.
What world do you wish to be a part of?
What kind of world do you wish to create?

This New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse takes place at zero degrees Cancer, representing the converging of timelines and an opening of new possibilities. Whilst I feel the loving potential of this eclipse, like every birth & new beginning there’s always the obligatory death of aspects needing to fall away. What no longer serves may even exit in a dramatic way. Dramatic but essential. Once the drama subsides, the new ways, adventures and opportunities will flood in.
As humanity shifts through this uncomfortable and fiery time of overdue change, we will become stronger and more compassionate beings. As we speak, many are shocked as looking into their long held core beliefs teaches huge lessons. This eclipse is certainly enhancing our ability to look deep and deal with whatever we need to shed and evolve through.
This portal offers a truthful & honest insight into the deepest aspects of you, and how your present maybe a product of your past, or unconscious situations /circumstances /imprinting /beliefs. Eclipses are catalysts of change, so don’t be afraid to feel deeply.
With so many aspects influencing this New Moon – including Solstice, Mars conjunct Neptune squaring Moon, Eclipse and Jupiter-Pluto conjunct (just to name a few), this is a powerfully transcendent New Moon that will most likely be felt for a very long time.

New Moon in Cancer
New Moons are all about setting intentions for the forthcoming lunar cycle. For our June 2020 New Moon, the Moon & Sun are in the Astrological Sign of CANCER.
Cancer is a Water sign and is ruled by the Moon, hence our New Moon heralds an emotional wave of nurturing, some tender ‘mothering’ we owe to ourselves. In light of the huge shifts/changes that have been taking place this year, may be this is a kind reminder we also need to take responsibility for our self nurturing and care at this time. And since this New Moon is also a Annular solar eclipse, it will be felt deeply.
This Moon reminds us that in order to move forward, we need to embody that which unites, that which brings us together.

Kindness. Compassion. Truly listening. Seeking solutions/actions borne out of caring rather than retaliation through fear. Owning the stories of the past, and together co-creating our future.

Cancer is the sign of the Sacred Feminine, the creative nurturer. This new moon asks us to tune into this aspect of self (whether we are male or female). Allow that wisdom to be imparted with unconditional love.
Cancer relates to home, our ancestry, our roots – taking us deep into reflection. Cancer also relates to feeling at home within your physical meat suit vehicle for the consciousness, comfortable within your own skin, feeling safe and secure.
Where in your life have you given away your power, given away your intuitive insight, given away your energy in order to conform to a narrative that you are now discovering you were never really comfortable with?
This insightful New Moon will help you reclaim ownership of your life. A call to action of where/how you are now guided to place your energy in order to facilitate social justice. Your energy need not come from fighting a war (Mars influence), but rather a solidarity & purposeful vision that serves a cause much greater than yourself. United. Rising as One humanity. Reminding ourselves we are all connected.