Quarantine Awakenings

I’ve been noticing a big shift in what kind of energy work and mentoring people are coming to me for of late. It appears that quarantine and recent revolutionary times are waking the spiritual connections and perceptions in a great many more people than ever before. I’ve never had so many people seeking help in learning to control new found abilities to sense spirit and the energies of the living as empaths. Its quite frankly, been freaking some folk out. One moment they are living their lives in muggle mode, then bang! Seeing spirits, knowing things without knowing how they know them which then come true, prophetic dream messages, deep intuition about people they just met being proven, the list goes on. I’ve long held the belief based on my own experiences and those of many people who’ve come to me for assistance, that traumatic events can wake people up to their abilities. They’ve been there all along, dormant just waiting to suddenly burst forth like the unwelcome chest exiting xenomorph in Alien. Well maybe not that dramatic for everyone, but you get the idea. In most cases, it is not something we have gone looking for, it just showed up, dramatically, jazz handed. And freaked us the feck out, prompting us to question everything we may have previously believed was real or “normal”.

So what do we make of this time we are living through, this shift?

It is uncomfortable and challenging to be alive right now. We are examining so many old tired patterns, learned behaviours and core beliefs about how the world is, and was. The veil is not just being lifted, its being ripped away. Revelation after revelation, hierarchies and supposed heroes being exposed as flawed and toppled from their metaphorical or actual pedestals.

There is more to come and we may be shocked by much of it.

Revolutionary times have always needed the helpers, healers, wise folk in the background, soothing the fever pitch vibrational energy stirred up by that need for change in the aftermath. More and more people are being called to action, woken from the muggle slumber and have no choice but to accept and embrace their new normal. Learning to control these exceptional birthright abilities will be a challenge on top of everything else going on, but it is possible, and necessary.

More people are waking up now in this time, because the old normal never worked for us all. What comes next has to work for the entire planet of living beings.

What’s ahead will require more and more of us to know and understand what is truly real. The Universe operates on love, it is that simple. Energy, frequency and vibration can be transmuted when we learn how. Even hate can be changed with unlearning and accepting that old beliefs were not based on direct experience and facts. We see this perfectly in small children, no concept of hate, embracing each other as kindred souls, nothing more or less.

Wherever we can show support, build community, heal each other, unconditional love shows up. Separation falls away.

What we are seeing right now is messy, violent but it is tearing down the carefully constructed illusion of separation that never ever was meant to be humanity’s way. We are all part of the one consciousness and whatever keeps us on a path away from that truth will always fail.

So let’s start small by asking the big questions. Accept whatever shadowy murk or guilt may arise from conditioning and challenge yourself to do better from now on.

“How can I be of service?” is a really big question. We all have at least one answer that we can put into action today, no matter how small, be it checking in on people, telling those you hold dear that you love them, or even better, show it with random acts of kindness. If you notice something beautiful about a person, tell them. If someone speaks and shows kindness, encourage them.

So how are you feeling during this time of madness? Are you showing signs of awakening?

If you need some assistance, I’m here.

Come find me and lots of spiritual tools to stay sane and healthy at www.rachelkeene.net