An Invokation to Health

My guides channelled this invocation to me this morning in meditation. You may like to light a candle, incense or anointing yourself with some essential oil you love and try reading the following out loud, breathing deeply as you do:

 An Invokation to Health

Goddess I welcome your attention, please hear my wishes

I claim the healing and resources to be well.

For myself and all sentient beings on this planet.

Bless us with an abundance of health and to be well.

Bless us with a swift end to disease.

Bless us with the ability to co-create a new reality that is aligned with our highest good where we support each other in true community.

I ask for a future where we are closer to each other, where we are honest and living together in a way that’s more meaningful, purposeful and authentic.

So Mote It Be, And So it Is.

With love, stay well… Rachel xxx