Hello, How are You?

For those of you new to “moon stuff” – the new moon or “dark of the moon” occurs when the side of the moon that is facing us on Earth is not illuminated by the sun because they rise and set together in unison.
Today we have a new moon in Pisces during Mercury Retrograde, with a little influence from  confidence boosting Mars.

We are being asked to go within and explore what we feel passionate about, without apology, and with confidence and trust in our own abilities to make the best decisions for ourselves.

We also have super dreamy and intuitive energy with this new moon, so if you wish to enhance your intuitive and mediumship abilities, this is a great time to focus on doing so.
If you believe you’ve been waiting for the time to be right to start on any spiritual path to evolve, here it is. Make your dreams reality! You will thank yourself later.

What are you ready to say yes to in order to evolve and grow?

New Moon Intentions

Create a list or vision board, Pinterest /whatever you like of what you wish to do for yourself this month to promote your well-being and self care. What does that look like?

What is realistically do-able? A treatment? Starting a new home study course?
Making a little time each day to devote to yoga or just quiet time?

Decide what to commit to from your vision.

Ask yourself some honest questions:

Where do I need balance?

Where do I need to draw firm boundaries?

What is my big dream and what can I do now to start to make it happen?

What will I honestly commit to now to further my spiritual well-being and evolution?

Enjoy the dreamy energy today!

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Until next time…
Rachel x