Guides -18th December – New Moon in Sagittarius

Guides had a lot to say in my morning meditation!
Mercury retro has been its usual mixed bag – giving a unique perspective (not just messing up comms and technology!) urging us to go within.
But combined with the Sagittarius new moon – a really hopeful high and pure vibrational energy is surging forward after a year of vast challenge and rebirth for many sensitives.

The challenges may have been painful but necessary to our growth, often leading to new beginnings, and as of right now, setting some new boundaries.
Rebirth, re-setting and illuminating what we truly do and do not want to keep in our daily lives and spiritual practices.

We are being urged to ask ourselves;
What is my potential?
What are my truest desires?
What can I manifest?
Do I believe I am truly deserving of all good things I try to work towards?

You may be feeling like time is speeding along even more than usual, as this high vibration accelerates our molecular vibrational levels and encourages us to use this energy to find motivation and stay inspired if we didn’t quite reach the goals we set or dreams we chased. It is all still attainable into 2018.

Direct words from my guides for you;
“Yes, Stay Inspired!
What have you learned and gained this year?
You have let go of your past identities and narratives of self.
Your past attachments to those versions of you are fading.
They are not who you are becoming.
The disillusion many felt at last full moon is now gone.
Forgive. Surrender. Release.
Many have been reborn this year. You now choose to walk your path of truth and authenticity, releasing past regrets, forgiving all you did or did not do.


Mercury goes direct again on 22nd December to propel us forward with whatever we wish to build and manifest for 2018. This is a powerful time to build, build, build!

Brightest Blessings