Whew! Full Moon, Eclipses, Lion’s Gate…

Nowhere to run to baby, nowhere to hide…

You know that stuff you’ve been feeling lately, rising to the surface over and over? That stuff you’ve been avoiding, pushing away, pushing down, telling yourself,

“I’ll deal with that later” maybe because time seems to be racing by at high speed?

Whether we do turn and face our stuff, or bury our heads, the time will pass either way.

What we have occuring right now is a unique opportunity. An expansion of spiritual energy which will continue for weeks, maybe even months, shining a light into our darkest corners and illuminating the areas of our lives already bursting with light and potential.

These energies affect us differently. One person may feel alive and bursting with energy, another may feel the opposite.

You may have felt a certain level of exhaustion, or heightened emotional, mental and physical awareness or discomfort this past week or so. Anxiety, chaotic events occurring, thoughts of past events coming back to you, plans not going smoothly, technology misbehaving. I personally have had a washing machine and shower pump go kaput in the past 3 days alone!

So here’s the rundown on what’s happening:

Past Week:
Build up time to the full moon is always intense for some. We can feel all kinds of things going on, euphoria, lots of energy, or insomnia, mood swings, headaches and various other symptoms!

The Schumann Resonance, the Earth’s Heartbeat spiked again on 31st July – coupled with solar storms, which can make us feel everything is intensified and heightened. Your body will be feeling this, you may feel achy, drained, woolly headed, less inclined to move fluidly and easily but it will pass. You can read more about this here.

At 7.10 pm UK time/ 2.10pm Eastern US time today the moon becomes full.

It is also a Wishing Moon, one of 8 sacred energy full moons in the wheel of the year.

This Full Moon in Aquarius reminds us of the importance to follow any urge to work on our dreams no matter what else may be going on. Aquarius beings clear waters to areas where we feel trapped, like a cool clear river washing away blocks we’ve become more and more aware of recently.

You may find yourself awakening, asking, “Why am I struggling with freedom in my life?”
Aquarius reveals to us where freedom is possible. Now is the perfect time to set the intention of seeing clearly where you may have been tied to old situations, to old ways of thinking, feeling and living.

At 7.20 pm UK time today, we will experience a partial lunar eclipse.
Whether we can actually see the moon eclipse or not, the energy is all that matters. Such powerful opportunity to create new beginnings by mindfully placing our attention on the new that we wish to create and manifest, while putting the past to rest. We are being urged to look at the bigger picture rather than becoming bogged down in the small stuff always demanding our attention, pulling us away from the moment and being present if we allow. Energy always flows where our focus goes. Times like these we need to be mindful more than usual about what and how we think. Maybe it’s time for some positive self-speak, to finally shift into changing a negative core belief at last?

Tomorrow 8th August
Orion’s Belt aligns with the pyramids in Giza, which some refer to as the Lion’s Gate Portal. It is the point marking New Year according to Ancient Egyptian belief. Whatever your belief system is today, powerful alignments like this give us the opportunity to harness that energy for the greater good and power up our intentions while releasing the past.  Seeing a theme yet? 😀

12th August – Mercury journeys retrograde until 5th September, joining five other planets in retrograde.
You will notice waves of change sweeping through your everyday life, some big, some small, but all of them important. Even the challenging changes are perfect opportunities to learn and grow.
Your techno gadgets may go loopy, communication may feel like trying to understand Swahili, and you may feel at times like you are taking one step forward, two steps back – but – its OK, go with it!

Don’t get downcast, think of Mercury Retro as more like a cha-cha, it’ll all come good in the end if you keep your cool.

21st August – A solar eclipse! More on that in another blog to come.

How to help this energy work for you this month:

Be Gentle With Yourself! – Make this week as simple as possible so you don’t feel the overwhelm rising. Don’t get into unnecessary conflict, cut yourself some slack and speak to yourself and others kindly.

Be Here Now. Be present. Make it as easy as possible – Feel free to use my FREE Zen Mindfulness guided Meditation whenever you need to bring your focus inward quickly and effortlessly. You’ll feel different in 15 minutes!

You are not alone in your quest for spiritual well-being and mindful evolution. Remind yourself that you have access to all kinds of tools and people to help you acquire them, new ways to work through whatever needs attention or healing.

If you have a drum, use it!

Ground yourself, sage your space if you can or light incense or a candle, setting the intention of discovering whatever needs to be revealed to you most. Then let the rhythm flow as it will, see where your thoughts take you and journal them right afterwards before you forget them.

I find drumming a huge healing experience, if you don’t have a drum, you can experience the Healing Drum with me wherever you are in the world.

Harness the Wishing Moon energy to manifest your intentions, your creative desires. More on how to do that here.

Chuck it in the Fuck it Bucket! – Please do not allow minor challenges to become blown out of proportion, do not sabotage yourself by overreacting to something that will pass quickly.

Before reacting to something challenging, ask yourself this;
“Will this matter to me in a day? A week? A month? A year?”
If the answer is no, roar a triumphant and positive “Fuck it!” and chuck it in that bucket!
*aaaand now I have the theme song to Friends in my brain after writing that*

This Aquarius Full Moon falls between two Leo new moons, which are all about following your heart’s desire.
The Lion’s Gate power can urge us to be Lion-like in all aspects. We also have Mars warrior influence doing the fandango amongst all this – so feistiness and tetchiness easily manifests right now. Be careful your roar doesn’t self sabotage in knee-jerk reactions to others who may be less aware of why they are experiencing this energy!

Use this Lion strength for good causes, channel it however it manifests in positive ways for you. Use it to stand up for what you believe in, rather than roaring at the moon in frustration.

However you choose to mark this time of powerful energy, I wish you magickal Full Moon and Eclipse Blessings!

With Love
Rachel xxxx