Are we having fun yet??

Well if you’ve been swinging wildly between confusion at unexpected aggression from strangers and loved ones, and bursts of beautiful creativity and joyful wonder, then its ok, you are in good company!

If you are reading this, chances are you are spiritually inclined and a compassionate human being. Which means you might be feeling overwhelmed at times with the sheer strength of the energies at play this past week or two (see my blog post earlier this month for more on that) and especially this run up to the powerful eclipse tomorrow (Monday 21st).

We are still in Mercury Retro, which gives us Hermit tendencies at the best of times, both good “going within and coming to personal eureka” moments, and the “no thank you, I am staying home with my cat, a bucket of ice cream and Game of Thrones” kind.

But the world is super sensitive, tetchy, quick to anger too. Partly due to many things, so here’s my guide to what’s happening and how to make the best of it all! :

Mercury Retro. Be gentle with yourself, don’t action huge important long term plans but create and dream and enjoy the process! Most of all try not to take offence at any of the aforementioned grrrrr behaviour of others.

Effects of the lunar eclipse, the solar eclipse and the recent spike in the Schumann Resonance are super intense on the physical body too. Some are feeling super energised and wonderful, but some are experiencing challenges too. Vertigo, palpitations, headaches, woolly headedness and unexpected summer colds anyone? Many of you have been reporting these and other symptoms over the past few weeks. This too shall pass! But do get to the doctor’s for a check up if you feel really awful! If you are feeling fabulous, then enjoy this magical time!

New Moon on Monday (yes if like me and you are over 40 you are all singing this now) This new moon is in Leo, which is strong and feisty energy but in all the right ways, such as creating opportunities to reconcile differences between yourself and how you feel about the world/or loved ones who have been getting on your last nerve. Will you carve your own path or submit to the will of others for a quiet life? The former is more achievable right now if you usually opt for the latter. You might like this meditation too.

Our feelings are amplified and so is the negative self speak and judgement, but instead of looking where to blame, we can address and heal those issues as they rise to the surface now – whether we are ready for this or not – it is happening, and we can use the Leo energy of this New Moon to face them head on and roar! Create new and constructive habits instead.

The planetary alignments plus total solar eclipse in Leo on August 21st give us the great opportunity to take incredibly transformative inner journeys. Self administered compassion and unconditional love to heal ourselves, to open ourselves up, shadow side and all – giving allowance to abundance in all things for our personal and collective greater good. 

Have you been increasingly unable to deny being your authentic weird and wonderful self? Feeling like quitting your soul sucking job, or telling controlling people where to go? Theres a reason for that. This energy combo is pushing us to choose integrity and authenticity, and to drown out fear. 

Creating good new habits and working towards the greater good in any way , shape or form is wonderful right now – go for it! Daily random acts of kindness, taking time to honour nature, stargazing (still some meteors until mid September too!)

If you feel super overwhelmed and unsure how or where to begin and need some help navigating and coping with this energy, perhaps my Clean Slate will be the solution you require to press that reset button?

Moods in general will be much less intense, and more love and peace from Tuesday. Phew!

Whatever you do to make the best of this magnificent opportunity for change – more power to you!

With love and brightest blessings!

Rachel xxxx