Charlie Charlie can Foxtrot Oscar…

What a week!

Lots of emergency cleanses and nasty things dealt with and banished -all fitted in around an already full diary thanks to idiots doing the “Charlie Charlie Challenge” – if you haven’t heard of this yet, its the latest thing don’t you know.

Sigh. Ok I’m going to vent a little here…

People are daring themselves to summon a Mexican (why Mexican??) demon child to ask trivial questions. Using two balanced pencils and a piece of paper, or variations on that theme. Like a kind of demonic dowsing. As you do of course…

Some of the pencil movement can be attributed to nothing more than gravity doing its thing… but I’ve got rid of some particularly nasty spirits just in the past few days alone that took advantage of teenagers taking part in this fad – so its not harmless fun.

As with all dabbling, all kinds of wandering earthbound souls and far, far worse comes through – I know this to be true from years of dealing with people’s ouija mishaps and based on what I’ve seen this week.

Word is out in the inbetween places that idiots everywhere are opening up their homes willingly, their families and themselves!

So whatever is being used, be it just words of invocation, Ouija boards, home made versions with pencils and paper – its all still the equivalent of opening your front door in the worst part of town and putting up a neon sign saying “Assholes Welcome” – damage can and will be done!

If you are not a trained medium, who knows how to deal with whatever you may make contact with  – FFS STOP IT!

I never take chances when it comes to this subject. If anyone in your family or friendship circle has participated in this ridiculousness, don’t just assume nothing happened. It can take time before a nasty spirit shows itself as being such and starts any trouble. And by that point, its nice and strong.

If you know of a place where this has happened it will need an extensive and complete cleansing of the space and an experienced professional to check whether some kind of portal remains that needs to be closed and sealed for good.

PLEASE never dabble, its not fun to clear up and counsel traumatised families affected by it.

(I shall descend from my soap box now)

If you need me to undo any damage – I can do that from here, if you need me to cleanse a space or people – here’s the link: or at least seek out a person by word of mouth recommendation who can deal with pretty much whatever they might find.