Have I Been Here Before?

Ever found yourself wondering if you have actually lived before?

Ever visited or held a fascination for a particular place, a language or a country you’ve never been to before …and yet it seems familiar? Ever met someone and felt like you’ve known them forever? Our personality traits, preferences for certain foods or a particular era in history, could all of this be influenced by our past life memories seeping through to this lifetime? I believe the answer is yes, based on my own experiences and those I’ve witnessed countless times as I regress clients on their own fascinating journeys.

Many of the world’s major religions including Buddhism and Hinduism hold the concept of reincarnation – that the soul survives the body, and is reborn into another body in another time and place – as an absolute belief.

Many of us believe through our own intuitive feelings and experiences that we have all lived many lives before this one. Not as anyone famous like Cleopatra or Henry VIII, but just as ordinary people living ordinary lives.

When I was seven, I visited the British Museum. As soon as I walked into the Egyptian Hall I felt right at home, as if I were amongst familiar things, yet I’d no knowledge of mummies, the Pyramids or read about Egypt in any books. I remember a display of canopic jars and thinking, “I remember what they are for…” as if it were a memory. I knew the meaning of some of the hieroglyphs, again, familiar. I just knew the feather symbol was “truth” …and later in life when I saw it again I just had to learn more. I’ve held a fascination and a sense of “home” with all things ancient Egyptian since that point. I now know I lived in those times, as I have since been regressed to that era.

Past life regression has been gaining in popularity for many years now, and some cases have even yielded documented evidence that has been verified as factual. One of my regression clients had an aversion to all things military, especially WWII related… and it turned out he was a Spitfire pilot, shot down over Italy. He even found a photo of his former self online with the information he produced during his session, and felt the fear that was previously so easily triggered was gone.

For most people it’s the spontaneous past life memories that seemingly some from nowhere that is the most common introduction to the concept of having lived before. These are momentary flashes or strong knowings, rather than full on total recall of entire lives lived. For example I used to be fascinated with a tv series about Dick Turpin as a child – I just knew how the men’s clothing of that era felt …the heavy cloaks, waistcoats and hats…it felt familiar, how all of that felt to wear. Yet as a female child in the 1970s, how could I possibly have that memory, that frame of reference?

Take for example Jenny Cockell, author of “Across Time and Death –A Mother’s Search for her Past Life Children”. Ever since she was a child, Jenny had what she describes as dreams and fragmented memories of a past life as Mary, a mother of many children, who died young in a village in Ireland.

Her spontaneous regressions to memories of life as Mary and the sense of guilt that she had “abandoned” her children were so vivid; she was prompted to search for those children in this lifetime. Jenny was able to draw a map of the village in Ireland where she lived as Mary, and recalled details of that lifetime which led her to Malahide, in Ireland. She found that her memories did indeed match the details of a Mary Sutton. Jenny found and met with Mary’s children (by now in their 60s and 70s) from that life, and although Mary’s children do not believe in reincarnation, they agree that somehow, their mother “speaks through” Jenny and they did verify some of Jenny’s memories as Mary.

Children are often very aware of their past lives and speak openly about them. How many of us have heard small children talk about their lives “before”?

You may have seen the story of the 3 year old boy in Gaza who not only knew his name from a previous life, but said he had been murdered. He led people to a grave where a body was exhumed with an axe blow to the head identical in placement to a birthmark he carries. He then identified where the murder weapon was buried, and an axe was found. He was also able to name the man who had killed his former self. When challenged, the man admitted the crime. In 1998, Dr. Lasch related this case history to Trutz Hardo, who practices past life regression in Germany. Mr. Hardo subsequently included the story in his book, Children Who Have Lived Before, published in 2005.

As children our cell memories of those past lives are stronger and untainted by the rationalising we use as adults.

Aged two, my little brother would talk to me about “our other mummy, from before”. I believed him, as I’d been already been able to see other people’s past lives in my work as a clairvoyant medium, and knew we choose groups of souls to reincarnate with in different roles each time in order to learn and progress spiritually to similar goals.

Past Life Regression is when you relive memories for yourself as opposed to a reading where a clairvoyant tells you the information. Past life readings and regressions with qualified therapists are now gaining in popularity for different reasons. Some enjoy tracing the facts in the information they produce about their past lives out of curiosity, wanting to know who they were. Names, dates and places are often revealed that can be researched and authenticated. But regression can be incredibly effective as a therapy to get to the root of many issues in this lifetime if the root cause was in a past life.

I often hear “I must’ve done something terrible in a past life to deserve this!” quite often… but the truth is we deal with each lifetime and process the consequences of our actions in the place between lives, on a different plane of existence. We spend time in spirit form between every lifetime before choosing to come back with new challenges and lessons to experience by our own free will. “Karma” or “what goes around comes around” doesn’t tend to carry over from one life to the next at all, but we do carry traces of memory of these lives on a cellular level of our being. We have a tiny echo of all we have ever been in every life we lived, each and every time we come back. Hence issues coming to the fore – e.g. triggered by reaching the same age as we were in that lifetime when a dramatic event occurred, or hearing a strong accent, seeing a familiar building or place.

In using regression as therapy, the purpose is not to elicit details for verification, more to pinpoint the lifetime and event where the root cause of a particular problem originated. Physical pain that does not respond to traditional medicine, fears, negative traits or phobias, even birthmarks could be linked to one or more past lives and the events therein. By acknowledging the point of origin, and with a little help and safe guidance from the therapist, the repression can be released forever.

Whatever your personal and unique reason is for wanting to experience past life regression, most of us have been here many times before so there is so much potential to explore, and so many revelations about who we are right now. For me, it continues to be an ongoing and fascinating journey of self discovery.

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