Spiritual Spring Cleaning

Sping has sprung, birds tweeting, daffodils waving in the sunny breeze… au revoir snow… Yes its that time of year again when we feel the old sap rising and that maybeeeee we should have a good old spring clean to refresh our homes for the brighter months ahead.

However, sometimes we might be reacting to more than just a few cobwebs on the ceiling or knowing there are dust bunnies under the bed. Over time a build up of energy occurs that needs to be swept away too.

To be honest until I started actively developing my spiritual self, I didn’t even realise this was a “thing”. I really started to get hit by the layer upon layer of residual energy in some people’s homes when I walked into them, and wondered how the hell someone could live with that level of energy day to day. I realised that places can accumulate and store energy from highly charged emotionally or mentally traumatic or painful situations, from events on the land… and so I realised the importance of cleansing away these layers in order to prevent us from becoming marinaded within their negativity. All of our emotions and life events can imprint on a space – even the land itself at bedrock level can absorb and even amplify these effects if negativity abounds long term. This can be especially bad and even trigger paranormal events if a particularly intense series of traumas occurred, e.g. battle, imprisonment or execution happened on a tract of land that now has other usage.

Any building will accumulate imprints of the lives lived out there… just think of the range of emotions, circumstances and life events experienced by each and every person who spent time there. When we move in, we can without realising it on a conscious level start to take that energy into our auric field and become affected by it. I’ve cleansed homes where depression gripped the entire household one by one after a short time of moving in… life was good and yet this was happening because it was there in the residual energy left behind by the former depressed and grief stricken occupants. Some people experience a series of appliance breakdowns or malfunctions, sudden plumbing problems, leaks, all kinds of odd things can manifest, like something just goes “pop” once the energy gets to a certain level.

Taking your surroundings out of the equation for a moment, regular cleanses can and do also help you to move past a difficult period of your own that you wish to leave behind and really start anew with a fresh clean slate.

I’ve been cleansing my own and the homes of others for many years now because I personally have found in my own home that the benefits are instantly uplifting. If I’ve been ill, I cleanse my home afterwards to remove the effects.

Before and after someone comes into my home for a healing session I cleanse the atmosphere, like a spiritual power up and re-set. If you are Reiki attuned, you can incorporate Reiki energy into your cleansing routine too, a home can be beautifully balanced and harmonised with it.

Whatever the cause, an oppressive, heavy or negative atmosphere is easily remedied – if its residual energy we can do it ourselves no problem. But if its something strange in your neighbourhood, who ya gonna call? Definitely a professional! Either way, if the energy of a space isn’t welcoming and homely, full of your energy and a place you want to spend time in – cleanse! It truly is  something wonderful we can do for ourselves to improve and maintain our spiritual well-being.

If you don’t know where to start you can try my Simple Home Cleansing Elemental Blessing. I’ve added this to my Meditation Store where I talk you through the blessing as a step by step audio guide. If you’ve got a bit more going on of the paranormal activity kind, you can book my services to cleanse your home for you distantly wherever you are in the world.