Why I’m not going to be reading any more…

If you are on my mailing list or Facebook, you’ll already have heard this week that as of October 1st, I’m not going to be reading any more. And that’s a good thing 🙂

Time for a change…

Over the past 24 years I’ve learned so much and have enjoyed working with so many people who needed readings along the way, it’s been a real privilege.

That said, when you do something for a very long time, sometimes you need a change.
As of October 1st I won’t be providing tarot readings or phone/Skype guidance sessions any more. I really want to focus on the therapies, writing books and courses, and teaching side of things from now on.

Nothing I’ve learned from my guides and years of mediumship communication with Spirit will be wasted in bringing forward the next vanguard of psychics and mediums who want to work with integrity and become the best they can be.

So… in the meantime… if you want one last phone/Skype reading or intuitive guidance session with me, it’s time to book yourself in sometime between now and the end of September.

Let me tell you a little about my journey to this decision. It has been a long time coming.

The reasons that lead us to seeking out a reading can often be symptoms of a deeper change that is needed. Sometimes when I am reading for someone, I’ll feel so strongly that it isn’t words but a shift in energy that will best address the issue that compelled them to seek me out. I’ll get a “knowing”…I can feel it just before my guides step in and say “You know what? Let’s use the remainder of the session to do some healing/cleansing/ empowering work for this person.” They’ll show me that words aren’t enough in that situation but something else I can do *is*.

Shifting how we feel about something we cannot change is so powerful, realigning our attitude of expectation to that of gratitude, and taking the opportunity to evolve through a situation rather than asking “When will this change?” or “When will life stop kicking my ass?” Because the answer is often, “When I re-focus on whatever it is I need to do to act and make that happen faster” 🙂

Everything is energy… and we are all connected by some form of it. Energy does not diminish it just changes form. We can powerfully influence some life events, simply by focusing our attention on or away from something. I’ve seen people worry themselves into disease, and I’ve seen people change their lives into something so joyous there are no words. All solely with energy, the power of thought, free will, intention and taking action consistently to empower those intentions. Energy is not restricted by geography, time nor space. It can be harnessed to work with our intentions and we can learn to send it to wherever it can do the greatest and highest good for ourselves and others. I love to help you do this!

The people I work with in energy work sessions such as Reiki healing, Anxiety Therapy, Chakra Cleansing and Balancing, Hypnotherapy/Regression etc, tell me they feel so much more empowered, stronger, better able to make decisions and feel more in control of their ability to roll with whatever life brings afterwards. This is where I truly see the life changing results for my clients, this is where I believe I can make the most difference to people’s lives now. I base my findings on the results I see in the people who come to me for that energy work. Those who make a commitment to themselves, want something to shift into gear on all levels. Working with you in this way is where my heart lies. I’m always telling people to follow their passion after all, so I’m taking my own advice!

Like jump starting a car with a flat battery, I’ve found that energy work can do so much more for us all than a reading. Tarot readings are incredibly validating but I’ve seen way many more people change their lives for the better with some intuitive tailored energy boosting and healing combinations than anything I could ever channel in words from our guides.

If I have only ever read for you in some form in the past, stay with me, let’s try a different approach together.

I completely understand any scepticism. For example, I assumed hypnotherapy was quackery and I didn’t believe Reiki could possibly work before I tried any of it. I didn’t understand how or why it could work… but I felt the positive effects of these therapies afterward, a phobia cured, being pain free for the first time in years…and there was all the proof I could ask for. Real, tangible results.

I went on to learn all I could about energy work and get myself qualified. I needed to know more and to help others access it through me too. If you try working in this way with me and don’t find it at least as empowering  as having a reading, I can certainly recommend some personal friends and great people to read for you instead of me.

I have considered it a privilege, an honour, truly to have psychic ability. Over half my life has been spent in this calling. I have really enjoyed reading for people, I never cease to marvel at what can come through in a reading, the funny “say what you see” moments especially tickle me… but I have to honour my need  to step away and really immerse myself in the wealth of other things I can do for you.

Thank you so much for choosing me to work with since the 1990s… I am grateful for everything clairvoyance and mediumship brought me, on every level and for all the experiences I’ve had with you all along the way.

What a ride!

With Love from me to you and your loved ones…
Rachel xxx

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