I am currently collaborating with some great like minded people to create an exciting new programme of teachings where we take you right from your spiritual awakening as a beginner to advanced level in your holistic spiritual wellbeing and development.

These teachings will be accessible globally online to help you improve and hone your spiritual wellbeing and abilities. To kick things off, we are going to answer your burning questions in a video presentation so… please do reply in comments below with whatever you’d like to know about the spiritual realms and how things work, or maybe you’d like to ask us about our own experiences working within the worlds of all things woo woo all these years! if you’d like your question to be anonymous, you can email me at info@ra-chi.com 🙂

I can’t quite put into words how excited I am about this opportunity to pass on what I know to people who want to work with integrity and commitment to their spiritual wellbeing and that of others!

Lots of love

Bright Blessings

Rachel xx