Gotta love those musical moments…

I’m always aware of my guides helping me even in day to day moments when I’m not working actively with them, but super powerful feeling of love and support from guides this morning… some days they really step up to say “I’m here, let me help, listen!”

Felt a bit teary this morning after a very busy and emotional week of Mercury retrograde events and surprises of the unpleasant kind (plus full moon energy of course!) and, as often happens here… immediately my iPod became a conduit for guides and loved ones to tell me something…three songs in succession played with the exact right lyrics – Queen – “The Show Must Go On” – The Beatles “Let It Be” – and Bon Jovi “Every Day” – most certainly my father telling me in his inimitable style, “Buck up! Come on!” 🙂 My iPod is always hooked up to my stereo dock, its on shuffle mode most of the time so one of any of thousands of songs could play at any given moment… but the number of times I’ve had “Let It Be” come on as a message from Dad exactly at a moment of need…well, I’ve lost count 🙂

You’ve probably experienced this yourself at some point and may have realised what is happening… it is a very real “this world” way of them reaching out to us using the words and emotive expression of music. I believe music itself is often divinely channelled to the composers and songwriters who create it…not all, but some, certainly…

Our guides and loved ones become so adept at using electrical energy and gadgets to get a point or message across, I have had literally hundreds of such events happen for me personally over the years, I see them for my clients in readings all the time… instances where music, a song lyric or even a movie scene can have meaning at a precise moment, car stereos playing a meaningful song, or lyrics placed in the mind, often on repeat to convey comfort or direction.

My iPod, laptop or phone seem to be commandeered at these times, even switching on unaided or making sounds not programmed in! I remember the sound of a clown horn coming out of my phone during a sitting with a client… the phone had been turned off and that sound wasn’t programmed in as one of my ringtones or alerts! But it was very apt for the subject matter being discussed and raised a good chortle from us, the living 😀

So, when you hear a meaningful song, be it in your mind or around you via gadgetry… feel the love and gratitude it is sent with. I know I feel better each and every time it happens to me and gives me such comfort and strength.

Lots of love xx