What price our wellbeing?

As many of you may know, I used to be a real sceptic in my teens about anything remotely woo. I used to find the whole concept of mediumship or psychic ability the stuff of horror movies and Tales from the Crypt episodes 🙂 Oh how times and unwanted yet rather evidential proof can change a girl…

So in all this, I considered healing abilities to be a heap of fakery. And I retained that viewpoint until well into my spiritual development. Yes I could see and hear spirits, yet spiritual or Reiki healing? Nah.

I had some surgery after an accident in 1999 which left my lower right le filled with metal to hold it together and a lot of soft tissue and ligament trauma which was very painful, even 5 years afterward. No conventional big pharma painkillers worked, so I just resigned myself to it and applied mind over matter unless it was really bad. On one of my bad days, I also had a headache, which my good friend who was a Reiki practitioner offered to treat. I refused, saying I couldn’t understand how her laying her hands on my head could possibly work… so she laughed and said “Just let me do it and see if you feel any different in 10 minutes then”

Fully expecting nothing at all to happen, I closed my eyes as requested and she placed her hands on my head.

10 minutes later, I’d seen swirling colours, felt tingles and wonderful energy running through my entire body, my legs felt warm and comfortable, buzzing even! I couldn’t explain how or why… but I felt great. No headache and for the first time in 5 years I had no pain in my leg at all.

So that was me hooked! I finally understood what she had been talking about and wished I’d listened much earlier just from the pain management perspective it made such a big difference. You sometimes don’t realise how invasive pain is until you have respite from it being constantly there. Its ok to tune it out but to notice its absence after a long time, is blissful.

So I read up on this channelling of the universal life force energy that exists all around us and within all things… I read other people’s experiences of it online, and quickly realised I was on to something with the potential to change my life and the lives of others. It was its simplicity and purity that swayed my belief in it. Life force energy has no agenda, no need for embellishment – it just …is. It can do no harm, only benefit the recipient.

I decided very quickly to make time to study it over the next few years and become a practitioner myself. Initially, it was just so I could treat myself daily to maintain my wellbeing and pain levels, but I was soon treating the cat, our food, drinking water, the house to cleanse and keep it harmonious, you name it I Reiki’d it! And I still do, 10 years on. It has become a part of my life as natural and easy to me as breathing, it is just the simplest intuitive energy – switch it on and it flows wherever it needs to go for the greatest and highest good. We can set our intent where it can flow to, but it flows anyway. Quite often my hands get hot if I am around someone who needs healing on some level, the Reiki wants to flow where it is needed!

If you would like a little taster of this amazing energy, can you find 15 minutes somewhere in your busy life to experience deep and complete relaxation and possibly change your life with aches, pains and ailments like I did? Or have you experienced it and need a reminder of how good it feels?

Taster distant Reiki treatments with me are only £10. What price can we place on our spiritual and physical wellbeing? If you never try, you’ll never know what it could do for you… I waited too long …will you?

Read more about Reiki and book a treatment or learn how to practice Reiki yourself here