Anxiety Therapy

I’ve created a new service in response to demand from clients who are experiencing anxiety – often with no obvious root cause, it can be terribly overwhelming. I’ve found this approach has worked well so far and have had some really positive and lovely feedback from people who are changing their lives now for the better as a result of these sessions.

During this 3 hour session, we will talk without judgement about what you are experiencing and I will tailor a solution to help you move forward right now. I will show you how to relax the mind, emotions and body and help you remember what it is not to feel this way…to enable you to hold onto the feeling of relaxation and confidence that we will create, and help you to feel that everything can and will be ok from now on. I will use a combination of: Chakra Clearing, Cleansing and Rebalancing, Reiki Healing, Ethereal Crystal Therapy, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy (including this life regressive techniques if needed). Taking this first step toward freedom from anxiety is easy with my help. There is no overnight solution, but you will leave here feeling relaxed, with new perspective and the right tools and advice to maintain and continue the good work yourself from here on in. Shorter follow up sessions to maintain and assess your progress are available too.


If you feel the need to tackle any anxiety in your life, I can and will help 🙂